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Apartments for rent Calgary, AB

Calgary apartments for rent, a favorite among students, recent graduates, young professionals and new families, offer affordable housing in the third largest city in Canada.  This city has a constantly growing economy and jobs in a variety of different sectors which allows for a continuously growing housing industry. Being located by the Rocky Mountains is something that the locals love to brag about, they are just as much a part of the city’s skyline as the skyscrapers downtown.

The community also offers a ton of cultural diversity with many festivals and galleries around the city, the most famous of them all is the Calgary Stampede which gives you and the city a no holds barred experience one week every July.

While houses and townhouses tend to offer more living space, secondary suites are in much greater supply. Coveted by the new working generation, places for rent are often filled with a full complement of features and amenities that are included in your lease.  These benefits can include private gyms, swimming pools, party rooms, movie theaters, private BBQ spaces and even dedicated pet friendly rental options!  These features and amenities (after considering location, cost and layout) can make all the difference when choosing which space to rent.

The cost of living in Calgary is considered affordable by most.  Since downtown locations are known to be expensive, most people live in the suburbs and commute downtown for work, school, shopping and nightlife. Residents of the city often venture into the Rocky Mountains for day-trips which can get expensive especially when visiting vacation destinations like Banff, Alberta. Those considering a move here are advised to search for properties outside of the downtown core as cheaper options for rent are more readily available.  Lower rental costs will leave more room in your budget to include the fun, recreational activities the city and the surrounding area offers residents. If you would like to search for your next home by location, use our handy Search By Map tool.

Apartment Rental Statistics Calgary, AB

Rental Type Active
Studio Apartments for Rent 28 $799 $1,379 $959
1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 156 $875 $3,019 $1,149
2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 178 $850 $3,659 $1,395
3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 66 $1,200 $8,500 $1,829

Renting tips & advice

When searching for rental properties in Calgary consider the following: 

Set Your Monthly Budget

Having a monthly budget and knowing how much you can afford to spend each month for rent will help streamline your search and narrow your focus to properties that you can afford. Use your budget as an “Apartment Guide” when considering which rentals are worth your time. Make good use of the many housing search filters available on our online finder and invest your time and energy looking at lease options that are within your price range.  This process will keep you on-track and will have you renting your next place on budget and ahead of schedule!

Be Realistic

Is it the location, the price, or the view that you desire most?  Do you require certain amenities like a gym, movie theater or an indoor pool?  Must you find a pet friendly apartment or do you need to have heated underground parking?  Do you want these conveniences and still expect to pay less than a thousand dollars a month? These are questions that need to be answered before you start your Calgary search and will serve as your guide. Understanding what it is you’re looking for, and the likelihood of finding it, will position your rental search for success!

Act Quickly

Being the professional “home finder” that you are, when you find an apartment that you like: call, email, text, Facebook, Instagram, do whatever it takes to get in touch with the owner, landlord or property manager as fast as you can! Any hesitation and you risk losing the desired space to other more aggressive renters.  

Have Fun

When you happen upon that place that feels “like home” from the moment you step through the door, an experience we affectionately refer to as the “ApartmentLove Effect", embrace it and take comfort in knowing your search is finally over and that you can begin planning the next chapter of your life in your new Calgary home!

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