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Apartments for rent Medicine Hat, AB

The city of Medicine Hat is home to about 65,000 full time and permanent residents. Located 170 kilometers East of Lethbridge and about 300 kilometers southeast of Calgary, this city is somewhat isolated in an otherwise sparsely populated province. 

Known for its natural gas deposits and many engineering jobs created to service the flourishing energy industry in the region, Medicine Hat was once named as one of Alberta‚Äôs top employers. Residents of the area enjoy a high quality of living as there are many outdoor activities which foster a happy and healthy lifestyle favored by many and especially the new working generation.

Rich in natural resources and with plenty of open spaces, the community is celebrated for its strong local economy and unique way of life.  The landscape is heavily influenced by the South Saskatchewan River and has what is best described as a semi-arid climate with cold winters and hot, dry summers. There are many good quality place for rent as well as many cheaper options for rent for first time tenants.

The cost of living in Medicine Hat is generally considered to be within reason given the high annual incomes and low housing costs in the region. Prospective renters are encouraged to view many rental units before choosing which one to rent. Everyone can find a space suited to their unique needs and wants as well as being within their budget.  One tip to remember is try finding somewhere for rent in the city that includes utilities paid.

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Renting tips & advice

Consider the following helpful tips and words of wisdom when deciding which Medicine Hat rental is best for you and your set of needs and wants.

Negotiate The Rent

It is perfectly acceptable to offer a lower price than what the landlord is requesting.  Be advised that the landlord is free and clear to set the price as they see fit, but many landlords are willing to work with you to put together a fair deal for both sides.  We encourage prospective tenants to consider both sides of the negotiation when asking for a reduced rent. Try offering a longer lease term of 2-years to incite the landlord to reduce the rent.  Knowing they will have a long-term and dedicated tenant will add strength to your requests and increase the likelihood of getting a great price.

Speak With Existing Tenants

Get out into the neighborhood before you move and talk with some of the area residents. Existing tenants will be able to provide you with an accurate account of what the areas really are like and which ones are worth avoiding.  Tenants also know the neighborhood and will be able to share tips on the best restaurants, affordable grocery stores and access to public transport in addition to detailed stories of what living in the building or neighbourhood is like from their own first-hand experiences.  There are plenty of things that a tenant is willing to tell you that a landlord or manager may not want you to know about the apartment or home and the best way to learn is to ask.

Ask For Pet Policies Prior To Signing A Lease

Some places will charge a fee for you to bring a pet into the rental with you. In most cases pet fees are a few hundred dollars and are treated as a non-refundable charge.  Prospective tenants who are considering renting an apartment in the city and moving in with a pet, it is in your best interest to budget a little extra just to cover the cost of a pet fee and expect to pay for a carpet cleaning when you move out at the end of your lease agreement.    

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