Chicago is a great choice for those who love to live in a bustling city but without the costs or stress of a big city. Did you know that Chicago has the only river in the world that flows backwards? In this post you can find more facts and all the information about Chicago that you’re looking for.

About Chicago

Chicago, Illinois (IL) is the biggest city of the American Midwest and was founded on the shores of Lake Michigan in 1830. The city was established as the center of water transport and became an industrial metropolis.

How did the city get the name Chicago? There are different theories, but the most accepted name origin relates to the Miami-Illinois word “shikaakwa” which means smelly onion. Don’t worry, Chicago doesn’t actually smell like onions. However, back in the days there were growing wild leeks, smelly onions, at the edge of the short Chicago River. When the French started exploring the area, they changed Shikaakwa into Chicago; the name we know today.

Chicagoans is the name of inhabitants of Chicago and the population consists of 2,720,546 citizens. Chicago is extremely diverse. At the same time the city is known as the most divided city in America since it’s very uncommon for various racial or ethnic groups to be residing together in the same neighborhood.  

Quick Stats

Weather:    Continental Climate
Size of Chicago:    606.42 km² (equals 234.14 mi²)
Chicago’s Time Zone:    Central Time Zone
County Chicago:     Cook County
Area codes:     224 / 312 / 331 / 464 / 630 / 708 / 773 / 847 / 872
Zip code:     All zip codes in Chicago start with 606, followed by two more numbers

If you’re considering moving to Boston City, prepare yourself for one of the most exciting, vibrant cities in America. Boston is known for both its rich history and its exciting modern atmosphere. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this spectacular city before you become a Bostonian.

About Boston

So, where is Boston and what is it known for? Boston is the capital of the State of Massachusetts and has the 21st largest population in the country.

Boston History

Founded in 1630, the city is one of America’s oldest and has a rich history. It began with the arrival of English Puritans, who were fleeing persecution. The citizens of Boston grew restless with their British rulers. "Taxation without representation" led to the famous Boston Tea Party. Many historians consider this the spark that began the American Revolution. In 1788, Massachusetts became the 6th state of the United States.

History Fun Fact

Did you ever hear of "the little American Gentleman"? It refers to a Boston Terrier and, indeed, the breed owes its name to Boston. The Boston Terrier originated around 1870 when a dog named Judge was purchased by a Bostonian; Judge was a cross between a Bulldog and an English Terrier.

Important Demographics

  • Boston population: 667,137
  • Greater Boston area population: 4.7 million
  • Boston size: 89.63 square miles
  • Boston ZIP codes: 021–
  • Year founded: 1630

LAS VEGAS, NV - A popular tourist destination the world over, but many people have chosen to live in Las Vegas because the lifestyle is unlike any other. Vegas is probably not where you're going to want to move if you want peace and quiet - it's a city full of thrills and many who decide to move there are chasing those thrills. It is, however, a great city for someone who likes to escape to nature - for all the shiny, commercialized excitement the city offers, there's just as much spectacular parks and desert just outside the city.  Thanks to a recovering housing market and renewed interest in the casino industry, apartments for rent in Las Vegas are again in high demand!

LOS ANGELES, CA - A city full of beauty - the weather, the beaches, the people. It's the city where you're most likely to spot a celebrity walking down your street, and one of the few US cities where you can enjoy a mild beach day year-round.  There are many apartments for rent in Los Angeles, just be prepared to pay for them!  Living here is a dream for many and an expensive one at that…

The cost of living in LA is high, in addition being a gorgeous town with beautiful weather, it's also a hugely film and music-centric city. For this reason, it attracts some flashy residents who can live pretty much anywhere they want.  The rest of us, however, have to be a little bit more careful about where we shop for homes. Read on for a few tips and tricks to finding the perfect rental in LA.

TUCSON, AZ - The place to be! The untouched corners of the awe-inspiring Sonora Desert while you are illuminated by a million twinkling stars. From the depths of ancient caves to the tops of magnificent mountain peaks, Tucson is an exciting city suitable for all.  No wonder apartments for rent in Tucson, AZ are in such high demand!  

Those of you considering a move to the region are in for a treat!  For instance, were you aware that Tucson host more than a million residents and have over 7 million visitors flock to the region every year? There is just no end to this magical city where the Rillito Rivers and Santa Cruz converge and where majestic saguaros choose to stand guard while pine and aspen whisper high above on the mountain peaks.

TAMPA, FL - A tourist center within a tourist center. Could it possibly also be a good place to live? Surprisingly, the answer is yes!  What was once a US Army frontier outpost today offers much to new residents, including an inventory of affordable and well-maintained apartments for rent in Tampa, FL. 

You know about the beaches and the kitschy attractions such as Busch Gardens and the Adventure Island water park (by the way, it is worth noting that the tourist industry also ensures that there is always employment in the region as well as plenty of places to eat and drink). For those of you considering Tampa rentals, keep the following tips in mind when building out your own apartment search in this unique Florida city.

DALLAS, TX - Home to more than a million people, it is the economic center of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan area, which boasts a population of 7 million people. It's the largest inland metropolitan area in the United States, so it's no surprise that the city is full of life and culture which gives good reason as to why apartments for rent in Dallas, TX are in such high demand!

Dallas's Arts District is the largest in the United States - home to the Dallas Museum of Art, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, among many other cultural institutions. Its got a vibrant dining scene and the city is known for its BBQ, Tex Mex and Mexican cuisines. Dallas also hosts the State Fair of Texas yearly, which is considered a huge economic driver for the city.

Dallas is a sports lover’s paradise - home to six professional sports teams, which includes the world famous Dallas Cowboys of the NFL.  Dallas is also home to hundreds of parks, so there's no shortage of outdoor space. Those of you considering a move to city are in for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

BROOKLINE, MA - Whether you want the fall colors and all four seasons, or a mild summer with plenty of sunlight; a move to Brookline, Massachusetts will give you all the above and then some! Cool afternoon breezes will give way to falling leaves, pumpkin patches, and hot chocolate. Swimsuits will transition to snowsuits and you will love every single second of it.  Those of you considering a move to the region are sure to find many great apartments for rent in Brookline and are soon to find yourselves in some very fine company.

BROOKLYN, NY - Has a move to Brooklyn been a dream of for years? Or have you been a New Yorker your whole life, but you're looking for a fresh start? Regardless, there's plenty of charm to go around in this bustling borough.

If Manhattan is all things posh and sophisticated, then its neighboring borough of Brooklyn is the rebellious younger brother - full of quirk and creativity, it does not take itself too seriously, but still demands respect! Recently, Brooklyn has been in the national spotlight as the country's hip mecca. Coffee shops, art galleries and DIY music venues are all staples of Brooklyn life. It is a gathering place for artists and musicians looking to surround themselves with like-minded creatives. 

Thanks to an inpouring of interest from renters across the country and from elsewhere around the world, developers continue to make  apartments for rent in Brooklyn more readily available.  Nevertheless, rent in Brooklyn is still considered one of the most competitive rental markets on the East Coast and prospective tenants are encouraged to budget wisely. 

EVERETT, WA - A beautiful and unique city, located just 25 miles away from the large metropolis of Seattle, Everett combines everything you could love about city life with the charm, beauty and wide-open space synonymous with country living.  Those of you fortunate enough to be searching for apartments for rent in the Everett, Washington, may find yourself wondering where this place has been all your life!  Everett is regarded among the best kept secrets in the Pacific Northwest region and those of you lucky enough to move the region are sure to find out why.

ORLANDO, FL - When you think "Orlando" the first things that probably comes to mind are Disney World and Universal Studios. What most people fail to notice is the many incredible apartments for rent in Orlando.  Home to numerous award winning restaurants, golf courses and year-round sunshine, life in Orlando is becoming more and more attractive.  Thanks to a strong tourism industry, there are many well paying jobs in constant supply.  Those of you lucky enough to be considering a move to Florida and well-advised to give Orlando a little extra consideration.

CAMBRIDGE, MA: Hometo two of the world's most famous universities, Harvard and the MassachusettsInstitute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts is located directly north ofBoston, across the Charles River. The city of Cambridge also houses RadcliffeCollege, originally one of the top institutions for women in the U.S beforemerging with Harvard. Tourists spend billions annually exploring this vibrant city, andits development shows no signs of slowing.  Thanks, in large part, to the many colleges and universities in the region, there are plenty of apartments for rent in Cambridge and prospective tenants should have no trouble finding one that fits their needs and their budget.

JACKSONVILLE, FL - You have been on your own now for a few years. Your first apartment has served you well. It has been there for you through all of life's ups and downs. Now you feel the need...the need for something new. An adventure is waiting for you, you can sense it. Jacksonville, Florida is calling! With its sandy beaches, bustling nightlife, and guaranteed sunshine, you are sure to find a thrilling new start in one of the many apartments for rent in Jacksonville.

JERSEY CITY, NY - Given its proximity to New York City and relatively low housing costs, not to mention stunning views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, it is no wonder that apartments for rent in Jersey City have become such a hot commodity!  Home to plenty of quality rentals, if you're tired of living the student lifestyle, you are sure to find a sparkling new home overlooking the Hudson River that dovetails with your needs and wants.

ANCHORAGE, AK - Breathtakingly beautiful with the freshest of air, Alaska ranks among the best places to live and visit in the world.  With plenty of apartments for rent in Anchorage, it is no surprise that people from around the world are moving to this jaw-dropping, aww-inspiring part of the heavens.  Those lucky enough to be considering a move to the region are in for a truly unique experience.  Just think, where else are you going to find endless, untouched and sprawling forests set against snow-covered mountain backdrops with 22 continuous hours of sunlight and the most exhilarating skiing and snowboarding on the planet!?

SAN ANTONIO, TX - Enjoy the fruits from the Public Arts Residence Program and revel under the San Antonio night sky as this city is alive with innovation and flush with culture, history and all things entertainment – no wonder Apartments for rent in SanAntonio are always in such high demand.  Nevertheless, best to start off your cultural exploration at the River Walk and expand your search and taking in all that this gorgeous city has to offer.  Welcome to San Antonio, TX!

COLUMBUS, OH - Home to The Ohio State University and its championship football team, residents of Ohio's capital city are blessed with a variety of family-friendly attractions such as the Columbus Zoo, the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) and a myriad of state parks for picnics and hiking making apartments for rent in Columbus a very hot commodity!

The city of Columbus is in Central Ohio, two hours from both the northern and southern extremes of the state. The Ohio State Fair is held here every year in August and the International Festival is a big draw in November as one of the country's largest meeting of cultures. The iconic Red, White, and Boom festival is also held here each year, attracting more than a million visitors to the region. 

BALTIMORE, MD - From food to art and music to sports, architecture and history of this gem, you are sure to find plenty to inspire your search for apartments for rent in Baltimore.  Home to many new and modern buildings that are sure to dovetail with your wish list, budget and need for gorgeous views and plenty of open space, live in Baltimore is pretty sweet and all of you considering a move to Maryland are in for a treat!

QUEBEC CITY, QC - One of the oldest and most culturally significant cities in North America, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, Quebec City is the last surviving fortified colonial city on the continent is largely French-speaking and a magnet for tourists.  A safe, picturesque and affordable place to live, with an abundance of apartments for rent in Quebec City, life in the ancient Old Town as in the more contemporary neighborhoods nearby is truly special. Those of you thinking of renting in Quebec City are in for a treat!

BAKERSFIELD, CA - One of the fastest growing cities in the state of California, the population of Bakersfield has more than tripled over the last 3 decades!  From around 105,000 in the 1980’s to more than 350,000 today, there are so many people moving to the region that developers have been building amazing apartments for rent in Bakersfield to try and keep up with demand.  For those of you considering a move to the city, you're in for a treat!

FORT WORTH, TX - Pour yourself a glass of wine and put on your comfiest pajamas, we're searching for apartments for rent in Fort Worth!  While your last apartment has been good to you, it is time to spread your wings and explore.  Life's bigger in Texas and Fort Worth is no exception!  Home to millions and a vacation destination for many more, Fort Worth is a dynamic, fast-paced city with unique cowboy roots.

AUSTIN, TX - Known for its beautiful weather, its vibrant music scene, and its proximity to spectacular outdoors, Austin's a young city with a vibrant culture and a hip aesthetic.  Austin's been a progressive, liberal island in the conservative state of Texas for years now. It hosts popular music events like, South by Southwest and Austin City Limits yearly.  Have you traveled to Austin and been bit by the bug? Considering a move? You're not alone. Here's a few things to consider when looking for apartments for rent in Austin.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Every once in a while, you get an urge to start fresh in a fun new city. Sure, you love your apartment now, but you can only rearrange your furniture so many times before that feeling settles over you. You know the one. The one that tickles the back of your mind and makes you think there has to be something better out there, some adventure you are meant to find...  It’s time for something new, something different, something like an apartment for rent in Oklahoma City to get those creative juices flowing!

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - Your apartment has been good to you. It has seen you through the good times and the nights of tears and Chunky Monkey ice cream. And now, it is time for you to part ways as friends and find your next apartment for rent in Colorado Springs.  You dream of living in a cozy condo overlooking the vast, majestic mountains and being outdoors, close to nature. But, you can't just move without doing your research.  Sit back, relax and lets explore the beautiful city of Colorado Springs.

PORTLAND, OR - Paid homage to by the IFC show Portlandia, and many, many songs, Portland is a city on a rocket-ship rise in population and flush will all kinds of cool new job opportunities.  With plenty of wicked apartments for rent in Portland, you’re sure to find one that instantly feels like home.

But this is not just a place for crunchy granola types and snobs who wonder "Is the chicken local?" There's that, and there's the bigger picture. Portland is a place of commerce, outdoor living, technology, sports teams you can be proud of and venues that attract the hottest musicians and comedians. Not a day goes by in Portland, Oregon that you're allowed to stay at home saying there's nothing on in the city. If you're staying in for the night it's because you're luxuriating in your gorgeous condo alone, or entertaining a private affair.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - A beautiful city full of eccentric and friendly locals, mild-temperatures and spectacular architecture. However, San Francisco's rental prices (among the highest in the country) are reflective of how desirable it is to live here.  Nevertheless, if your heart is set on San Francisco, nothing else will measure up. Moving to San Francisco is not easy, but the payoff is worth is.  Those of you considering apartments for rent in San Francisco are wise to keep the following tips in mind when searching for the perfect rental in the “City by the Bay”.

PITTSBURGH, PA - A city of rolling hills, passionate sports fans, and an Industrial Renaissance.  Once home to all things steel, the city has seen an influx of fresh industry with developments in the medical, technological and educational spaces.  Today, Pittsburgh is touted as the next great place to move, and Pittsburghers are just surprised it took everyone else this long to figure it out. A move to Pittsburgh is a move to a city at the crossroads of its past and its future - and the future looks very bright, no wonder there are so many incredible apartments for rent in Pittsburgh.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - A city steeped in history and dripping with pride. Philly may get a bad rap for its angry sports fans and unique accent, but it's a charming city unlike anywhere else.  Philadelphia has seen a resurgence of new residents because it's got the culture of an East Coast city but with affordability that beats New York or D.C. Philly is defined by its neighborhoods - each is unique and offers something special. All you've got to do is decide which apartment for rent in Philadelphia is best for you and the city its people will do the rest!

CHICAGO, IL - Chicago is a big city that's full of many different vibrant neighborhoods, all of which have plenty of options.  Whether you've lived here for years, or moving to the Windy City for the first time, apartment hunting in Chicago can be stressful!  With so many apartments for rent in Chicago, the best approach is to narrow your search and stay focused.  Your best move is to develop a sound game plan and stick to it!

BOSTON, MA - That small town feeling and all the perks of big city living.  From mass transit, exceptional restaurants, fun pubs and storied universities and colleges, there’s something for everyone.  Whether you’re planning to rent an entire house or your first apartment, you're sure to find it here in Beantown.  So, kick back and relax as we highlight all you need to know when searching for apartments for rent in Boston.

SAN DIEGO, CA - Tired of looking at, well…anything other than golden sunshine and miles of white sandy beaches framing rolling ocean waves? Yeah, we get it. Fortunately, there’s a solution!  A solution called, "San Diego, California".  A magical place where you can park your rear-end in the sand, close your eyes and let the world relax and time slow down. 

The best part, apartments for rent in Sand Diego are everywhere! San Diego has one of the most active rental markets in the entire United States which means renters like you and I have choices galore!  From shoestring budgets to sky-high penthouses, there’s a rental with your name on it.  All you need is a start, and our Search by Map feature is as good a place as any to get rolling.

DETROIT, MI - So, you're looking to rent a house or apartment in Detroit to be closer to your sweet new job at one of the half-dozen big companies here (or maybe one of the countless smaller ones that have sprung up recently) creating a need for apartments for rent in Detroit the city hasn’t seen in years.

You hear a lot of things about living in Detroit. Cars everywhere. Bikes everywhere. Construction everywhere. Coney Islands. Fantastic bars, both old and new.  Hi-tech buildings next to old-school ones. Businessmen and hipsters living and working together.

It's true. All of it. Like any big city, it can be overwhelming at first. Here's a few bits of insider knowledge to consider, and before you know it your new apartment or condo will feel like home.

SEATTLE, WA - From Pike Place Market to the Space Needle; Pioneer Square to the Seattle Art Museum and Century Link Field (home of the Seahawks); Seattle is a world-class city with many wonderful and exciting attractions suitable for all ages.  Not to mention a plethora of outstanding houses, condos and apartments for rent in all price ranges.

Host of the 1962 World’s Fair and home to the Microsoft corporation in nearby Redmond; Seattle has long been on the international scene.  One of the largest cities in both Washington state and the Pacific Northwest region, more than 3.7 million people live and rent in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. Those of you considering renting here will be pleased to know that there are many apartments for rent in Seattle.

Situated just 100-miles from the Canadian border, Seattle is known as the birthplace of iconic rocker Jimi Hendrix, considered by many to be “the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music,” and celebrated as a progressive and liberal city for work done supporting same-sex rights and the election of women to public office; Seattle is a trendsetting, trail-blazing (Starbucks founding) power center!

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