Home to Broadway, Central Park, and the best bagels in the country, there are plenty of things that make New York City a fantastic place to live. This city guide will tell you everything you need to know before you make the exciting move to the Big Apple.

New York Facts

Before you become a real New Yorker, you’ll need to know some facts about the wonderful city.

New York City History

Originally called New Amsterdam by the Dutch, when the English arrived in 1664, they renamed the area New York. The city has played a critical role in US history and development. Historically, most immigrants to the country arrived through the harbor on ships. The city is now an exciting and multicultural hub of arts, sports, and is a major player in international economics.

Important NYC Demographics

State: New York State
The 62 counties of this state are divided into 932 towns and 62 New York cities.

●    New York population: 19.5 million
●    New York City population: 8.4 million
●    Square miles: 468.5 square miles
●    Population density: 26,403 people per square mile


New York – Things to Do

From museums to ballgames to shopping at New York and Company’s Outlets; New York has tons to offer.

Main Attractions

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor is an iconic memorial to American liberty. Immigrants arriving to the country were greeted by the towering torch-bearing sculpture, which has become a symbol of American history and values.

Central Park

The gigantic urban park that separates the East and West Side is a gorgeous green oasis in the center of the urban metropolis (see for yourself on this New York Map). Visit Central Park to take in the varied wildlife and the lush greenery.

Times Square

This world-famous Times Square is one of the busiest, most photographed spots in the city. Surrounded by shining bright lights, massive theater posters, and plenty of shopping, the square epitomizes the glamor and allure of downtown New York.

Museums and Culture

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This art institution contains over two million works of art from the last five centuries.

The Museum of Modern Art

The MoMa is one of the world’s finest modern art galleries, showcasing some of the most famous pieces by artists such as Van Gogh, Pollock, and Warhol.

American Museum of Natural History

For those interested in science, the Natural History Museum is dedicated to the planet’s wildlife and its varied cultures.



For fans of football, New York has two teams in the NFL: the New York Giants and the New York Jets. Both teams play at the MetLife Stadium.


Baseball is widely regarded as the most popular sport in the city, with locals and tourists supporting either the New York Yankees or the New York Mets.


The main NYC basketball team is the New York Knicks. The two-time NBA-winning team plays at the famous Madison Square Garden.

New York City -  Upcoming Events

New York City is a buzzing, lively city with a seemingly endless stream of events. For the latest information on Broadway shows, movie screenings, festivals, and more—check out Time Out New York. Are the events not close to your residence? Don’t worry! There are a lot of great New York hotels throughout the city.

Life in New York

Depending on where you come from, transitioning to the New York lifestyle can be a big shift. The city is fast-paced, noisy, and highly competitive. However, it can also be an extremely exciting place to call home.


The main boroughs are:
●    Manhattan, known for its city skyscrapers
●    Queens, known for its suburban feel
●    Staten Island, known for its quiet, removed feel
●    The Bronx, known for easy access to Manhattan and public parks
●    Brooklyn, known for its classic brownstones and hipster feel


The city is filled with excellent schools, colleges, and universities. In fact, it has the largest public school system in the world. New York University is a respected institution based in Greenwich Village. Columbia University, based in Manhattan, is an Ivy League university with an excellent reputation.

Finding New York’s Daily News

If you’re looking for the latest news in the city, try one of the two main newspapers. The New York Post is considered to be more Republican, while the New York Times is generally read by Democrat readers. For cultural news, Time Out New York is a great resource.

New York Weather

The continental climate in New York City tends to range between around 0.5 °C in winter to 24.5 °C in summer. For the latest weather news, click here .

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