Apartments in Mimico are often pricier than other neighborhoods in Etobicoke, but the rent includes lakeshore access and proximity to recreational facilities. Mimico is a short commute into downtown Toronto and has train access right in the city center, so this is the perfect area for an active professional looking for a rental close to Toronto's business district.


Richview is about as far inland from Lake Ontario as you can get, but it's a great place to be a tenant if you're looking for a neighborhood with a superb mix of cultures. Rentals in Richview are more reasonable than other neighborhoods, so this is a great place to settle down in a condo with a small family.


Trees, wide sidewalks and a creek rambling throughthe neighborhood might seem like the kind of charm you only find in thecountry, but Sunnylea has it all. Sunnylea is a highly sought after neighborhood,so it may be difficult to find a rental here. It's a popular destination forfamilies because it has excellent schools. If you've got your heart set onrenting here, it may be worth it to reach out to property management companiesor realtors to help you in your search. Landlords can afford to be picky inthis neighborhood, so it helps to have some professionals in your corner.

Etobicokeis a beautiful, diverse city that is desirable because of it's proximity to itsbigger neighbors. But residents know that there's more to the city - it holdsits own among its two neighbors and many people are proud to call it home! It helps to have some professionals in your corner.  Use our Searchby Map feature to narrow down your search. 

Published: December 20, 2016