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Milwaukee is Wisconsin's largest city. It's home to just under 600 thousand people, and its residents take a lot of pride in their town. Milwaukee is well known and appreciated across the United States for its largest export; Beer. Milwaukee houses the production plants for MillerCoors, which is best known for, well, Miller and Coors - but is a huge beverage conglomerate that employees many people in the area. Milwaukee was once home to four different large breweries, but now MillerCoors is the only national chain that still calls Milwaukee home.

The city has a lot more going for it than beer-- it hosts many sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts every year who flock to Lake Michigan for maritime fun. It's also known as the City of Festivals because of how many festivals the city holds every summer. The largest of which is Summerfest, a diverse music festival that draws in about a million tourists each year. In addition to these beautiful activities and festivals Milwaukee is home to varied and wonderful neighborhoods that offer a variety of different experiences both for long-term residents and first-time tourists at any budget. This includes places such as the culturally rich Historic Third Ward, the naturally beautiful Riverwest , end the delightfully historic Brewer’s Hill .

If you are considering apartments for rent in Milwaukee feel free to use the various search filters on to create your own custom online apartment filter and find the best apartments to narrow your search in this historic and scenically beautiful city.

Because of its lakeside location, Milwaukee has breezy and cool summers but harsh winters. Milwaukee has plenty of safe neighborhoods, but does rank high in crime nationally in some areas. Considering a move to Milwaukee? Read on to learn more about renting in this lakeside city.

Milwaukee ranks lower than the national average on cost of living. Its housing market is especially reasonable. Because of this, Milwaukee is a popular choice for Chicago transplants who are looking for more affordable rent. Milwaukee has many apartments for rent and the market is non-competitive as of the time of this post (November 2021). However, the city is seeing an influx of new younger residents, which many believe is the first sign of a Milwaukee revitalization.

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Milwaukee has many diverse neighborhoods. Do your research before you even open an apartment guide-- figure out where you want to rent before you cast a wide net. Looking for a communal, bohemian vibe? Check out Riverwest. Need to be around green things? Look at apartments in Menomonee River Valley , it's home to Milwaukee's botanical domes and provides easy access to the Hank Aaron State Trail. And if you just need to be in a loft surrounded by art galleries and hip boutiques, narrow your apartment search to SoHo in the Historic Third Ward.

If you're thinking of settling down in Milwaukee you're going to want to ask yourself some specific questions to learn about your lifestyle needs. Do you need Security in a gated community? Do you need a dishwasher and a dryer ? Is there parking these and the apartment or home furnished? These are all important questions to consider!

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You can probably find plenty of rock bottom priced Milwaukee studio apartments on any apartment finder and hole up in there, but with such reasonable rent you can also afford to live a little! If you want the apartment right on the lake with the sweeping views and it's in your budget, go for it! Milwaukee also has plenty of townhomes for rent - if a yard is what you crave, you can score it in Milwaukee for a reasonable price. You don't find deals these good in most other large cities, so scoop them up here!

Live Within Your Means | Apartment Rentals in Milwaukee

If you're on a budget, Milwaukee has plenty of cheap apartments for rent. Just be sure to research the area before you decide to rent, because safety should always be a top priority. Regardless of which rental path you take, the city has plenty of apartments for rent. Welcome home to Milwaukee!

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Published: November 10, 2021