TORONTO, ON - Your lease expires next month and the landlord wants to increase the rent.  Is it time you start considering other apartments for rent in Toronto?

You like the apartment, it's familiar and in a good neighborhood.  The commute to work is tolerable and Mrs. Jennings on the 3rd floor has finally started closing the blinds before getting in the tub. You've got nearly a thousand square feet of open living space, plenty of natural light and a sweet view overlooking the lake from your bedroom window. 

Alas, you've lived in this apartment for the better part of 5 years now.  It's seen you through 3 ex-boyfriends, taken in 2 new cats and it was here that you started your very-own design business!  But, #GameFace Toronto is a beautiful city and there are so many great apartments for rent.  All things considered, change is healthy and it's time to move…

So, now what?

Apartments for Rent Toronto

Giving Your Landlord Notice

OK, deep breath! 

Sure, your relationship with the landlord hasn't always been the best, but he was fair. While he's looking to increase the rent this year, he hasn't for the last couple and you've saved some money, travelled and paid down your student loan because of it. Granted, the busted shower was a pain, the floors creaked and the faulty smoke detector bothered your dad, but that's all in the past!  You've decided to move-out and move-on!  Best to do so on good terms.

Remember, there are tons of people looking for apartments for rent in Toronto and a negative reference could cost you your dream home.  A simple and straightforward email letting the landlord know that you've decided to move-out when your lease expires will do!

Finding a New Apartment

We’ve all been there; 2 in the morning, sitting in a beanbag chair, snacking (okay, devouring) White Cheddar popcorn, drinking wine from a box and watching the home shopping channel #SingleLife when a commercial cuts-in about a great deal on a new condo! But, you must send first and last months rent to a numbered company registered in the Cayman Islands first. #SoundTheAlarm 

When speaking with a landlord, if something doesn’t feel right, or they seem a bit “off,” it’s best to just end the discussion and skip to the next listing.  You’re a smart young woman.  Trust your instincts!  Remember, there’s plenty of rentals in Toronto.  Dedicated apartment finder websites like work with professional landlords and property management companies.  Leave the classifieds for someone else.  

The Feeling of Home

You did it! 

You made the bold and courageous decision to leave the apartment you’ve called home since you were in grad school!  You searched and toured listings from across the city, weighed the pros and cons of each property and signed a lease on a great new rental. 

For the promise of pizza and beer, you even managed to convince a couple of your girlfriends to help pack-up your… well, “crap” seems harsh… your “belongings!” and move you into your new place.

Time to hang some pictures and start planning your first dinner party!  #ApartmentLove

Welcome home!!