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Apartments for rent Burnaby, BC

Burnaby is the third largest city in British Columbia, located just east of Vancouver. It is possibly one of the most culturally diverse towns with a large percentage of its population stemming from China, Korea, India and other parts of Asia. This city has great public schools and many accredited universities and colleges that attract students here from all over the globe. This city has produced some famous Canadians such as actor Michael J. Fox. The prices for rent varies in Burnaby, but prospective tenants are encouraged to budget wisely as choices can be expensive and rentals are known to go quickly as they are in near constant demand. 

When it comes to employment opportunities, various IT companies and electronics brands are based here. Health care and the various film production studios are also located in Burnaby giving a boost to household incomes across the city. Metropolis is one of Canada's largest malls and is home to many intriguing shops, restaurants and services making it one of the city's largest employers. Newcomers should note that the average minimum wage paid here is generally considered to be low which makes renting difficult for many first-time renters, students and recent graduates. Those considering a move to here are encouraged to budget their resources wisely and to consider cheap options for rent as they build savings and secure higher paying positions.

If you are a young student or professional considering studio apartments for rent in this area, it is a wise idea to get a roommate to live with you. Splitting the rent with one or two other people will really take a load off you, if your budget is tight. Alternatively, if you work for one of the low paying industries, it is also advisable to find cheap options for rent.

Apartment Rental Statistics Burnaby, BC

Rental Type Active
Studio Apartments for Rent 1 $1,390 $1,390 $1,390
1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 29 $2 $1,893 $1,502
2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 9 $1,850 $2,243 $2,131
3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 2 $2,470 $2,646 $2,558

Renting tips & advice

Those considering Burnaby rentals are encouraged to keep the following helpful tips and renting hints in mind to make sure you rent with confidence and ultimately enjoy your next rental home.

Decide On A Budget

Places for rent can range in price by a considerable amount.  The fact that this city is generally considered to be a safer city than other cites of a similar size elsewhere in Canada makes it an attractive market and ultimately increases rents. Therefore, you should make up your mind on exactly what you are looking for and what you are prepared to pay for it. A properly defined rental budget will also serve as an apartment guide, so you do not end up spending unnecessary time viewing places that you do not actually intend on renting. 

Features And Amenities

If you enjoy having many modern features and amenities close by, then you should also expect to pay more rent for the convenience and boosted quality of life they afford.  Skytrain stations are located all over the city and connect you with other neighboring cities which makes commuting from any part of the city a pleasure.  The best advice is to keep an open mind and that while your apartment may not have a gym or an indoor swimming pool, convenient access to public transit brings those luxuries within reach and at a fraction of the price.

Ask Relevant Questions

Landlords will usually base their decision on various aspects pertaining to the tenant. However, all landlords want reliable and honest tenants, who pay their rent on time. Therefore, you should ask relevant questions about extra parking, cards and payment options that are accepted and literally anything that is important to you. This will also let your landlord know that you are well versed with renting and understand all aspects of it. The landlord will be more inclined to give the space to someone who shows that they are responsible and decisive.

Rentals Go Quickly

If you find a place that you like, do not hesitate!  Burnaby rentals are in near constant demand, meaning there are likely multiple people all considering your first pick at the same time.  When you find a place that meets your needs and wants, is within your budget and is in a safe neighborhood, contact the landlord and tell them you are interested. 

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