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Manitoba is among the three provinces with prairies and the 5th most populated province of Canada. It is located at the center of Canada and borders the provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan as well as the US states of Minnesota and North Dakota. Manitoba is home to many universities as well as professional sports teams and has developed urban centers in including Portage la Prairie, Brandon, Thompson, Steinbach, Winker, Dauphin, Morden, Selkirk, FlinFlon and the capitol city of Winnipeg.

Manitoba is the only prairie province with a saltwater coast. The province of Manitoba also houses the only Arctic deep water port in the country. The capital of Manitoba, Winnipeg is home to the 10th largest freshwater lake in the world along with many annual festivals, concerts and exhibitions. Lovers of classical music enjoy evenings at the famed Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra which performs old music and new music in and out of the Centennial Concert Hall.  Known for its annual Folk Festival, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, there is an excellent art and cultural scene in the province. Tourists and residents of the region can also visit museums like the Manitoba Museum, Manitoba Children's Museum, and the Living Prairie Museum to learn more of the rich heritage Manitoba has to offer.

For many residents, renting an apartment in Manitoba makes great sense.  There’s an abundance of affordable and cheap apartments and many rooms for rent for students of the many universities and colleges across the province. Millennials looking for short term leases are migrating to the province of Manitoba as landlords in the region are known to offer many rental incentives to new residents.  Thanks to the intelligent design of many cities in Manitoba, finding centrally located apartments for rent is a manageable task. Thanks to the influx of new tenants, apartment owners and real estate developers are building new, feature and amenity rich, apartment and condo towers and at very affordable rents. Manitoba provides renters with a number of affordable apartment renting options and those who invest the time and energy to build a comprehensive apartment guide will surely find apartments for rent in Manitoba that fit their unique needs and wants.  From 1 bedroom apartments for rent to luxury condos and townhomes for rent, Manitoba is a beautiful, stable and vibrant province with much to offer tenants and prospects from around the world.

The cost of living in Manitoba is considerably less than in other provinces like Ontario and British Columbia.  However, income levels are generally lower in Manitoba meaning that residents need to be mindful of their finances as the earning power in the province isn’t necessarily as strong as one might expect or be accustomed to. Apartments for rent in Winnipeg Manitoba can differ in cost based on the amount of rooms and the time of the year.

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Renting tips & advice

Consider the following when looking for Manitoba apartments for rent:

Complete Your Own Credit Check

Landlords charge upwards of $30 to perform a credit check. Imagine you were applying for many rentals. This sum grows big. To avoid losing too much money, find your credit report on your own. Private landlords and a few companies will accept that credit report. However, sometimes it might be a must to part with a few bucks. If you are a couple or plan to have a roommate, send one application. These will lower the amount of money you will spend to pay such fees. Sometimes the tax is included in the rental price. Inquire about that. Some apartment rental prices include such fees while others do not – makes sure to ask questions.

Research Landlords and Property Owners Before Signing Any Lease Agreements

Research the landlord and property owners before signing a lease as best as you can.  Your will get Be mindful of the responses you receive when interviewing other residents as many tenants may have overly negative things to say about their landlord as a result of the type and kind of relationship that exists between landlords and tenants.  Keeping watch for the cleanliness of the apartment and the professionalism of the landlord will help you identify good from bad when evaluating which apartment for rent will ultimately have you in the best care.

Understand All of the Terms and Conditions of Your Security Deposit

When moving into a new apartment it is always advisable that you take plenty of pictures and videos as detailed records of the state of the apartment prior to your arrival.  Use these photos and videos as a baseline when comparing the state of the apartment after your tenancy to what it was like when you first moved in.  This direct comparison will help when you request your damage or security deposit be returned to you.

Negotiate Pet Fees and Other Costs Before Moving In

Most apartment buildings and private landlords charge a non-refundable pet fee as part of your lease obligations.  It is worth asking if that fee can be converted to a refundable deposit net of any damage caused by your pet or if the total cost can be reduced to a more affordable level.  While the apartment owner is likely to say no and that pet fees are standard, some landlords have been known to reduce the fee or provide an incentive of another kind to help compensate you for the additional upfront moving cost.

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