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The Canadian territories are known for their subarctic or even polar climate. As seen on Ice Road Truckers, some days in the winter roads are impassable due to heavy snow and ice conditions. Roads are also impassable sometimes during the spring and summer months, and even some of the unseasonable winter days, due to melting snow and ice. However, there is more to the Northwest Territories than snow and ice, even if it does not seem like it.

Bordered by Nunavut to the east, the Yukon to the west, the Northwest Territories is divided into 33 communities. Prospective residents who love the outdoors will, of course, love the numerous winter activities, including skiing, skating, and hockey.  You can even take in a church mass in an Igloo Church. Those who love to fish or even ice fish will love the proximity to the Great Bear Lake and the Great Slave Lake. During the warmer spring and summer months, there are numerous parks to enjoy, as well as malls and shopping centers.

While it may seem as if places for rent may not be in high demand in the far north but rents can be very pricey due to features and amenities. Heated indoor pools and workout facilities would be the most popular in complexes in the region.  Covered, heated parking may also be found in some of the pricier buildings.

Use the apartment finder tools on to help narrow down your search.  Keep your features and amenities want list in check, while you get an idea of exactly what your average rent cost may be.

Average monthly rent costs in the Northwest Territories can vary, depending on how large the population is in any given area. Again, it goes without saying that apartments for rent in the populated areas will be more expensive than those located in the sparsely populated areas. Of course, the sparsely populated areas may have complexes that provide luxurious features and amenities to attract prospective tenants. Keeping a tight cap on your monthly budget will help make sure you meet your monthly rental agreement.

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Renting tips & advice

Before signing any long-term leases or contracts, prospective tenants should keep the following in mind:

The Buildings Features & Amenities

While it may be appealing to reside in a studio loft, or room for rent that has luxurious features and amenities, prospective tenants really need to ask themselves if they can truly afford them. Is it cheaper to have a gym membership or would it be more reasonable to live in an complex that features workout facilities? Do you really need that dog walking trail within distance of your building, or can you find a more affordable unit for rent near a local dog park? These are some of the questions prospective tenants should be asking themselves. What may not seem like much does really add up in the long run.  Keeping a tight line on your budget will help you figure out those extras you can afford.

Rental Location

The weather in the far north may be unpredictable at times. A frozen over road that is passable one day, maybe flooded and impassable the next. It may be ideal to plan a visit to the rental on a winter day and on a warmer spring or summer day, just to get a feel for what your commute would be like. Is your dream home in a largely populated area? How will that effect your average monthly rent?

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