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1 MONTH FREE RENT**Conditions Apply RENTAL OFFICE LOCATED AT 2074 ROBIE STREETLocated close to downtown and the stunning waterfront, The Macdonald at 5885 Cunard is a highly desirable rental apartment building with quality amenities and

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Convenient location and heritage charm come together at Harbour View Apartments. These spacious bachelor, 1,2,3 bedroom Halifax apartments for rent are a beautiful and charming place to call home.  Located north of the downtown core, Harbour View Apartments offer a variety of types of apartments

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1 MONTH FREE RENT**Conditions Apply Somerset Place Apartments, featuring Bachelor, Junior 1, 1, and 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Halifax, is a perfect location in the South end of Halifax that is only steps away from St. Mary’s University,

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   With Stunning Bedford Basin views Ocean Brook Park has bachelor, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Bedford.  These stylish, spacious & welcoming Bedford apartments include heat, hot water and boast spacious foyers, secure intercom entry, elevators, co

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1 MONTH FREE RENT**Conditions Apply Somerset Place Apartments, featuring Bachelor, Junior 1, 1, and 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Halifax, is a perfect location in the South end of Halifax that is only steps away from St. Mary’s University,

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1 MONTH FREE RENT*- Ask about our Heat & Electricity included options*Conditions Apply All your needs are within walking distance at Park Victoria Apartments in the bustling south end of Halifax. Aside from the building's secure &

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What Would You Choose?1 MONTH's FREE RENT* orA REDUCED RENTAL RATE**Conditions Apply Located close to downtown and the stunning waterfront Cunard Apartments are located in a highly desirable area in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The

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Located right across the street from the renowned Halifax Commons, The Welsford apartments for rent in Halifax features bachelor, junior, 1, and 2 bedroom apartments.  Situated in a quiet high-rise building with just six apartments per floor and stunning views of the city. Each apartment

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Apartments for rent Nova Scotia

With rugged coastlines, well-groomed farmlands, windswept lighthouses and historic villages, Nova Scotia is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada! In addition to the natural beauty of this city, residents in the area are friendly and have unique cultures and traditions that unify them. The province has, in addition to being along the Atlantic Ocean, many captivating town's, beautiful beaches and tranquil forests that resonate with us all. Recently, the region’s economy has diversified thus attracting many new people to the province because of the many new job opportunities. The province is quickly attracting students, families, retirees and professionals who desire the waterfront lifestyle and modern features and amenities of urban living.

If you are looking for studio apartments or townhouses to rent then Nova Scotia is a perfect choice for you.  If you are a student attending one of the many colleges or universities in the area, you have an added advantage because you can find yourself a room to rent at very affordable price points. In the case where you want to save more or cut down on your monthly budget, consider cheap apartments which are readily available across the province. Additionally, if you are financially stable and have good job security, talk to your landlord about rent to own homes.  This has been made available by most landlords and it is favorable and flexible for people who look for long-term stays.

The cost of living in Nova Scotia falls below the Canadian average, and this clearly shows that the standard of living here is quite affordable and favorable. Most residents in the region earn good paying salaries that enable them to maintain a high living standard. The province charges low personal income taxes which makes the cost of everyday goods more affordable.  The average rent is much lower here than in other Canadian provinces.

Apartment Rental Statistics Nova Scotia

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Studio Apartments for Rent 2 $950 $1,240 $1,095
1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 10 $1,085 $1,550 $1,228
2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 10 $1,225 $1,900 $1,495
3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 4 $1,495 $2,595 $1,886

Renting tips & advice

Before renting and committing yourself to a lease with your landlord, it is important to consider an online guide and finder before making your final decision. The following are factors to consider before moving to your new home:

Tour the Unit in Person

Despite the pictures posted on websites of the complex for rent, it is crucial for you to visit the property in person. You should consider walking around your potential new rental unit and neighborhood and develop a feel for the location. Additionally, you should not limit yourself to viewing just one property. Visit many rentals and choose the one that will work best for you and your needs.

Carefully Evaluate Your List of Needed Features

Before finding a fabulous new unit, it is important to write down the features you need in your new home. Your ultimate rental decision should be focused on what you are able and willing to pay not solely on what amenities you want.  Also, you should do a comparison between the home value and the cost of the features before making your final decision.

Seek Online Locator Services

Exploring websites that specialize in rentals, such as, will educate you on what features to expect in different places and will provide you with a good understanding of what’s generally available in each area.

Talk to Existing Tenants

Speaking to other renters is important because they will provide you with honest and unbiased information regarding what it is like to stay in any given neighborhood or complex.  It may sometimes be intimidating but through this, you can gather experiences, and this will give you a clear picture of what the building is like, allowing you to make the most informed rental decision.

Understand All the Lease Terms Before Signing

Request a copy of the lease as early as possible.  Knowing the terms and conditions of any contract as early as possible will allow you to make an informed rental decision which may have you speaking with a lawyer to get an absolute understanding of your rights, privileges and obligations as a prospective tenant.

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