Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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$2,950Per Month

36 Denali Crescent 36 Denali Crescent Brampton, ON#4877183

  • 4 Bed
  • 2.5 Bath
  • $2,950

Spacious! Executive! Four Bedrooms! Private Garden! Castlemore Road-Rutherford Road, Brampton, Ontario. FEATURING: open concept and formal living and dining rooms, spacious eat-in kitchen and preparat

$2,350Per Month

106 Heartleaf Crescent 106 Heartleaf Crescent Brampton, ON#4827570

  • 3 Bed
  • 2.5 Bath
  • $2,350

Available July 15, 2019 Chinguacousy Road and Sandalwood Pkwy West, Brampton, Ontario. FEATURING: formal living and dining room combination with gleaming hardwood flooring, outstanding kitchen with br

$2,450Per Month

6 Tolton Drive 6 Tolton Drive Brampton, ON#4778841

  • 3 Bed
  • 2.5 Bath
  • $2,450

FEATURING: welcoming front porch sitting area, hardwood flooring, outstanding natural light, first floor powder room, family kitchen with ample storage and cupboard space, breakfast nook with walk-out

$1,995Per Month

804 Clark Boulevard 4 Bdrm Townhouse available at 804 Clark Boulevard, Brampton Brampton, ON#004037

  • 4 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • $1,995

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$1,695Per Month

3 Knightsbridge Road 2 Bdrm available at 3 Knightsbridge Road, Brampton Brampton, ON#003864

  • 2 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • $1,695

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$1,495Per Month

3 Knightsbridge Road 1 Bdrm available at 3 Knightsbridge Road, Brampton Brampton, ON#003863

  • 1 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • $1,495

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$1,250Per Month

3 Knightsbridge Road Bachelor available at 3 Knightsbridge Road, Brampton Brampton, ON#003862

  • Studio
  • 1 Bath
  • $1,250

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Apartments for rent Brampton, ON

Brampton is a suburban city in the South of Ontario. The town has a large percentage of immigrant residents ensuring quite a bit of cultural diversity in the area. There is a lot of economic activity in the area including manufacturing, retail and Information and Technology (IT). The town was once particularly known for its numerous greenhouses earning it the name 'The Flower Town of Canada.

Brampton is a beautiful town with friendly people. Brampton apartments for rent are cheaper compared to similar suburban towns. A major advantage of living in Brampton is job proximity. Being close to where you work reduces the chances that you are late and reduces transportation costs. The Airport is also relatively close to any suburban residence, an advantage to those who travel a lot for work or leisure. Brampton has some of the most beautiful parks you will see anywhere. The town is not well known not that it lacks quality apartments or townhouses for rent but mainly due to lack of promotion. Therefore, whether you are searching for studio apartments or townhouses, apartment guides, and apartment finders will be a valuable resource. There is only one higher learning institution in the area, so students are not prevalent in the area. Transportation around town is quite good too.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Brampton apartments is equal to most suburban towns in the province. However, rental rates on rooms for rent are slightly lower than in most suburban towns. Utilities may take the bulk of your housing expenditure.

Apartment Rental Statistics Brampton, ON

Rental Type Active
Studio 1 $1,250 $1,250 $1,250
1 Bedroom 1 $1,495 $1,495 $1,495
2 Bedroom 1 $1,695 $1,695 $1,695
3 Bedroom 4 $1,995 $2,950 $2,436
Summary 7 $1,609 $1,609 $1,719
Updated: 25-May-2019 02:03:06 UTC

Renting tips & advice

Mock Fast

Once you have found the apartment that you want to move into do not waste time becoming a tenant. Make a quick decision and be done with the moving process as quickly as possible. You may lose the apartment to someone who acted faster. Few things feel worse than finding an apartment you like and having it pulled from right under you knowing that it was your fault since you did not act quick enough.

Get Everything in Writing

Especially with landlords from small towns who may be used to informal dealings, insist on formality and the importance of a proper lease agreement. Having written documents acts as a good buffer when disputes arise and quickens the problem resolution process. Tangible evidence adds extra security to your argument in case you ever go to court. Formality in real estate dealings is of particular importance in today's housing market.

Enjoy Your Apartment Search

Although housing is an important part of life and the decision to move into a new apartment should be deeply thought out, this should not mean that you do not have fun with the buying process. Enjoy visiting beautiful apartments for rent and appreciate good planning, design and finishing. Given that the apartment you find is a place you plan on spending a significant bit of your life in, it should be a place that you will enjoy spending your time in as well.

Talk to Existing Tenants

When searching for a Brampton apartment for rent, you will most probably get an outside-in perspective. By speaking to residents, you get an outside-in perspective and may find out some flaws that you otherwise would not have found out. Existing tenants may also be able to reveal a personal view of the landlord which may not be visible from a couple of meetings with him or her.

Bring a Friend of Family Member When Viewing Apartments

Bringing a friend or relative along helps reduce the stress of apartment hunting. It brings familiarity to the process. It also helps make the search a lot more fun. Having a third party may also contribute to removing any biases that you may have and assist the decision-making to be a little more rational. Two heads are better than one.

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