Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

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$905Per Month

392 Dolph St. Dolph Street Apartments - 1 Bedroom Cambridge, ON#1499843

  • 1 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • $905

Imagine spending a leisurely Saturday afternoon laughing and catching up with your friendly neighbours, enjoying tea on the balcony as you swap stories about your week. You'll know almost ev

$895Per Month

1025 King Street East King Street - One Bedroom Cambridge, ON#862688

  • 1 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • $895

King Street offers a bus stop at your doorstep. This 24 unit apartment community is doorsteps to everything Cambridge has to offer. There is a park nearby, excellent restaurants, and well re

$1,025Per Month

392 Dolph St. Dolph Street Apartments - 2 Bedroom Cambridge, ON#289884

  • 2 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • $1,025

Imagine spending a leisurely Saturday afternoon laughing and catching up with your friendly neighbours, enjoying tea on the balcony as you swap stories about your week. You'll know almost ev

$1,050Per Month

18 Spruce Street 18 Spruce Street - One Bedroom Apartment Cambridge, ON#269145

  • 1 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • $1,050

Walking distance to schools, shopping, restaurants and downtown. Located on lovely parkette overlooking downtown. Large suites with new windows and large balconies. Well kept clean building.

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Apartments for rent Cambridge, ON

Cambridge is a small Southern Ontario city. But do not let its size fool you, it is a beautiful place to search for places to rent. Like most of Southern Canada, it has cold weather for most of the year, but when the sun comes out during summer, it is a nice place to be. Economically, the Toyota plant in the rural part of community and is the main employer in the area. There are few higher learning institutions to speak of so do not expect a large student population. For those who prefer quiet, slow cities, this is the place for you. There are not many transport facilities within the city, but they can be found nearby if the need arises. There may be some trouble finding variety especially when it comes to studio apartments and condos for rent in the city.  Online finders and guides are paramount in your search for a place to rent.

One of the most vibrant things about the city is the social life.  There are social events always taking place in the city. There are many activities concerned with the arts including sculpting, painting, and theater. However, do not expect too much activity in the community. Friendly enough to be close but not so close that it impedes your privacy. There are many amenities in the town to ensure you lead a healthy lifestyle and have fun in equal proportion.

Cost of living in Cambridge, ON

Cambridge rentals are relatively lower when compared to general housing expenses in the country and other towns its size. However, different parts of the city have different living costs. Depending on your earning power, you can decide whether to live in an upscale or a regular area in the city.

Apartment Rental Statistics Cambridge, ON

Rental Type Active
Studio 1 $700 $700 $700
1 Bedroom 3 $895 $1,050 $950
2 Bedroom 1 $1,025 $1,025 $1,025
3 Bedroom 1 $1,140 $1,140 $1,140
Summary 6 $940 $979 $954
Updated: 25-Mar-2017 02:03:15 UTC

Renting tips & advice

When looking for rentals consider the following:

Live Within Your Budget

Having a budget has plenty of advantages. One is that it narrows down your search for a place for rent. You can, therefore, find the home you want to rent faster and be more thorough. Having a budget also helps you not to go overboard with spending. In the long run, avoiding debt that was avoidable, could go a long way.

Do Your Research

Researching online is effective, but it should not be a replacement for you doing your reconnaissance. Take expert opinion into account but do not let that be the end of it. Doing research before beginning your search will guarantee you rent something that best fits your unique needs and wants.  

Talk to locals about living and renting in the area

No one knows the area better than those who already live there.  Getting a room to rent goes farther than finding just the house; its environs should be considered too. By speaking to residents, you get the feel of the city by people who have experience living there.

Visit the property before renting

The money you may save by not traveling to visit prospective places for rent may be little when compared to what it costs you later. Do not take anyone's word for it. Go there and see the space yourself. You could find out specifications you want that you previously had not considered.

Have fun and enjoy your search

The search for a home need not be all business, you can make it enjoyable too. By bringing a friend or a relative along, make the process more enjoyable. You may live at the location for quite some time so do not rob yourself of the fun of apartment hunting which may be a rare occurrence.

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