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One of the oldest cities in Canada, the former town of Chatham (later renamed after amalgamating with the county of Kent and called Chatham-Kent) was initially formed as a naval dockyard as it borders the Thames River which was made famous as a primary battleground of the war of 1812.  Many years removed from its founding as a dockyard, the city pays homage to its celebrated history with many staged re-enactments held at festivals throughout the year. The city also played an important role in the forming of the famed Underground Railroad which helped many black slaves escape into Canada.

Located just north of the US border, this community has become an increasingly attractive place to rent and live.  With many complexes offering modern amenities and being in such proximity to the US border affording residents the option of discount shopping in the United States, renting in here is becoming increasingly popular.

Home and apartment prices in Chatham, ON are considered affordable.  Located just north of the US border, residents can go down and shop at any number of the major US outlet malls in the state of Michigan allowing them to save considerable sums on everyday items.

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Renting tips & advice

Consider the following tips and advice when considering renting in Chatham, ON: 

The Monthly Rent

The rent should not exceed any more than half of your total income for the month.  When considering which place is best for you, begin with those you can easily afford.  Renting something that is beyond your means will make purchasing essentials, such as groceries, an infinitely more challenging task.  Establish a budget and stay within your means.

Be Realistic About Your Expectations

Before looking at locations for rent, consider which features and amenities are most important to you. There are plenty of good-quality place for rent that offer modern finishes with ample living space in secure neighborhoods.  Decide on what’s most important for you and use those items in an online guide when looking for rentals.  

Get to Know the Landlord

An open and healthy tenant-landlord relationship is always encouraged.  When renting your landlord will play a major role in your life. Before signing a long-term lease and committing to pay thousands of dollars in rent each year, ask the landlord plenty of questions and familiarize yourself with the property, the community and them as managers as best you can so that you can make an informed and reasoned renting decision.

Never Compromise When It Comes to Safety

Your safety, always and regardless of the circumstances, is paramount.  Before signing a lease or renting any place make sure to research the area and visit it multiple times throughout the day and week.  Know where the nearest police station is and how well the streets are lit at night.  If you are even remotely unsure about your absolute safety, find a different location as there're plenty of place for rent.

Ask Your Landlord About Pet Policies

If you are, or reasonably plan on becoming, a pet owner it is best that you inform the landlord as early as possible and that you get those policies in writing before signing the lease. 

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