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Apartments for rent Guelph, ON

Located at the center of Southern Ontario, the city of Guelph, ON is about 100 km (60 miles) from Toronto. This Community is home to the University of Guelph and along with it many students from across Canada and elsewhere around the world.  With an attractive and vibrant student scene, it’s to be expected that apartment living is a popular low-cost option for this student driven city.  Flush with many shopping areas and restaurants, this city is very conducive to walking tours making the need for a car virtually non-existent. Make the effort to search out rentals that will allow you to explore all that this vibrant, young and picturesque city has to offer! 

Popular among locals are the many festivals like the Film Festival, the Jazz Festival, the Doors Open event, and the Contemporary Dance Festival.  This neighbourhood is a beautiful place to live and with relatively low rents, especially when compared to the city of Toronto. Renting a home here is an attractive and rewarding experience for prospective tenants of all ages.

The city of Guelph is known to be an affordable place to live, especially considering its very favorable location in southern Ontario with convenient access to the nation's largest city (Toronto) as well as vacation destinations in Niagara Falls, as well as the US border.  Prospective renters, especially new renters and students, are encouraged to research the market before committing to a long-term lease.  Setting additional funds aside to cover entertainment costs will help complete your budget and have you loving your next home that much more!

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Renting tips & advice

Respect Your Monthly Budget

Rental cost demands effective budgeting. Sometimes you may come across an ideal house and be tempted to overlook the rental value - dare not. Apart from paying rent you have other needs and wants. Utilities, groceries, gym, social events and much more. You will not like the feeling of being broke after paying your rent. You can live without other features. Go through your feature list to determine what you can do without in your home. Doing so will help you cut down on the rental cost and be able to live without struggling. You rent should not consume more than 30% of your monthly earning.

Consider The Time Of Year When Moving

With four distinct seasons each year, the time of the year will affect your search.  During the colder winter months from October through to the end of March, fewer people are in the market which generally means landlords are motivated to lease their homes and likely to offer rental incentives.  Conversely, during the warmer months from April to September, there’s an influx of renters which can mean bidding wars for the best properties. The best advice, regardless of the time of year, focus your search and when you find a property that feels like home #ApartmentLove apply and follow-up with the owner to make sure they’ve received all that they need.  A quick closing on a great new place will make even the coldest of winters seem a little warmer.

Take Notes On Each Location You Visit

Always stay organized during your search. Take a notebook with you to write down the details of houses. Finally, when you sit down to choose from the places you have toured, you will have an easy time choosing. You can call the property owner to inquire about something you did not understand or for some clarity.  Tick the places you have already toured in your notebook.  Having all the relevant information close at hand will allow you to make a well-rounded and good decision quickly and confidently.

Bring Your Housemates Or Partner Along

Choosing a place to stay should not be a personal choice. You should make sure your roommate is comfortable with the space too. Searching different locations in the community with your roommate can make things easier as he or she can note some important issue you might be overlooking. Debate on your likes and dislikes.

Consider Access To Public Transit

Public transport will help lower your commuting fee. Even if you plan on having a personal car, running errands and commuting to work can be costly. You will be able to save a lot of money for other expenses like rent. Choose a location near to some public means of transport. Sometimes that gas and insurance money can be devoted elsewhere, plus, it is not always that you will have enough money.

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