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Apartments for rent Kingston, ON

Kingston, ON is located among the three of the largest and most influential cities in the nation; Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.  Just a 3-hour drive from all three, the city has become a very desirable place to live attracting renters from across Ontario and throughout Canada as well as others newly arriving in Canada.  The city is affectionately referred to as a big city with a small-town feel.  Locally known as a student town thanks to the three major universities and colleges that dot the landscape.  Flush with students for the strong majority of the year, the community enjoys a vibrant nightlife with many great restaurants at very affordable rates. 

The job sector in Kingston is strong, thanks in large part to its diversified nature and no dependence on one lone industry.  Students, recent graduates and working professionals are moving to the city in greater numbers.  With many jobs being in the public sector, wages are high and there is a good amount of job security which has resulted in many residents settling down in the region after signing long-term lease agreements with very well-qualified landlords throughout the city. 

Once known for being the Canadian city with the most number of restaurants and bars per capita, those looking for places for rent are sure to be in good company after the grind of the workday comes to an end. 

The cost of living in Kingston is reasonable given the number of well-paying jobs and vibrant restaurant and nightlife residents enjoy.  Compared to major markets like Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal apartment living here is less expensive, but it is still wise to research the market before committing to along-term lease agreement as prices have been known to change.

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Renting tips & advice

Be Prepared For Anything

When searching for places to rent, prepare as you always do when looking for a job. Have your paperwork ready and make sure to include proof of employment in addition to a recent credit check and security clearance. Keep copies of references from your past landlords with you. There are some leasing agents, and landlords who may require these documents when negotiating a lease and there are those that may not ask for them. 

Ask the landlord plenty of questions

It is a smart and responsible idea to ask your leasing agent and landlord plenty of relevant questions about the apartment before moving in.  Some worthwhile questions to ask include: find out whether utilities are included in the rent, is there a requirement for a security deposit to be paid, is the rent stabilized and if not, how much is the landlord allowed to raise the rent each year.  These, and other questions of a similar nature, are critical questions that you should pose and expect answered before signing any lease agreement or renting.

Inspect the space before renting

Before renting something, perform a complete and total inspection of the unit.  During the inspection, make sure to check that the plumbing, heating and electrical are all functional and in good condition.  It is also recommended that you look for signs of insect or rodent infestation, especially in older homes and ground-level in Ontario.

Carefully read and understand all rental agreements

Know and understand your responsibilities as a tenant. Read your entire lease in close detail and make sure that you’re not over committing yourself.  If you are unsure about any of the terms or conditions of the agreement ask your landlord to clarify them for you, in writing, or speak directly with a lawyer.

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