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Apartments for rent Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is an exceptional place to live and rent.  For the active lifestyle enthusiasts, enjoy skiing, hiking, running, snowshoeing and riding this beautiful southern Ontario city and all four of its glorious seasons. From visiting Treetop Adventures to the slopes at Searchmont Ski Resort and a ride along the Agawa Canyon Tour Train and the range at Silver Creek Golf Course, there are plenty of things to see and do in historic city.

Home to less than 100,000 permanent residents, this community is among the most southern cities in the country and borders the United States.  A popular border crossing point for both business and tourism, this area is an economic hub for the province of Ontario and is a city of strategic importance when trading with the United States.  Those considering places for rent tenants are well-advised to research the market often, as prices are known to change rapidly.  Those seeking specific features and amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools and theater rooms are encouraged to keep an open-mind and to be flexible when viewing locations for rent and to focus more squarely on their core items such as price, location and community.

While Sault Ste. Marie is one of the larger cities bordering the United States, many people are surprised by the cost of renting in the region. Rental places can be expensive. First time renters and those that are new to the area are encouraged to budget wisely and to be reasonable when dealing with landlords.  Make sure to allow room for incidentals as well as utilities and day-to-day living expenses in your budget before committing to any apartment and signing the lease.  

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Renting tips & advice

Consider Your Commute

When considering a certain unit, make sure to check the commute from the complex to common destinations like your place of business, university or college campus as well as to grocery stores, shopping malls and the homes of your friends and family. Moving somewhere that will have you spending your entire day in the car or riding public transit is sure to impact your overall feeling of your home and what living there is like. Do your research and make sure not to settle for something when there are so many well-qualified good options to choose from in the area.

Read Online Reviews

It is encouraged to read online reviews and learn as much about what is available for rent in the community, particular landlord or property manager, but remember to take reviews in stride.  For the billions of people that are renting all around the world, only a fraction of them ever write online reviews. Even renters that have especially negative experiences are likely to skip writing an online review as they are just happy to be out of the unit and to get on with their lives.  Those that leave online comments, especially those that are overly-negative and borderline nasty, should be taken with a measure of consideration before acting one way or another.  That said, if there is an abundance of consistently negative comments and the comments seemed reasonable grievances such as unresponsive to maintenance requests or security lapses, it is advisable to move on and find another location. 

Speak With Existing Tenants And Neighbors

If you can, meet and interact with existing tenants before moving in yourself.  In addition to making new friends in the building, existing tenants will be able to give you their honest opinion of what life in the community is like and what renting in their building is like. From responsiveness of the maintenance crews to safety, noise levels and popular destinations in and around the community, existing tenants and residents have a wealth of information and are make for excellent apartment guides.  

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