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Apartments for rent St. Catharines, ON

St. Catharines is located on the south-west shores of Lake Ontario.  The city is situated at the foot of Niagara Escarpment and in the heart of Niagara wine country. Renting in this area has become popular due to its waterways, beautiful orchards, vineyards and many parks such as the Montebello Park. Residents of the city are known to often purchase fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as eggs and baked goods in addition to fresh fish, cheese and flowers at the many farmer’s markets in the area.

Job and wage growth, especially among young people, is raising the demand for rental spaces in the community.  Nicknamed the Garden City, St. Catharines is a destination for many tourists as it offers a unique flavor on life in southern Ontario.  Whether searching for 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom apartments for rent or luxury condominiums, you are sure to find a place that fits your wish list.  

The cost of living in St. Catharines is very reasonable.  Residents enjoy a good standard of living as real estate prices and rents fluctuate very little.  The cost of everyday items is also reasonable.  With a large student population in the area it is to be expected that many restaurants and retail stores offer attractive specials allowing everyone the opportunity to experience everything the city offers.

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Renting tips & advice

Set a budget you can afford

Most people often overlook the rental price of an place once they spot their dream apartment with that dream spacious living and in their desired location. Therefore, it is essential to set a budget range of the rent you can afford even before beginning your search.

Narrow your search

It is encouraged to focus your searching efforts on a specific type of property, or at least a given price range.  With an ample supply of actionable locations, you should be able to find many properties worth visiting.  Be reasonable with your list of requests and be open-minded to all that you’re presented with when searching for a new place to rent. 

Research the neighborhood

Inspect the neighborhoods before committing to a long-term lease agreement.  Assure yourself that you’re making a good rental decision and that the community and your fellow tenants are going to be a good fit. While it is one thing to love a view or to be near your school or office, returning home each night to an environment that doesn’t inspire you will make living in the complex challenging.  

Consider the extras

Once you have set your budget, you must look at various options before deciding on which location to rent. Depending on the size of your family, you may require a specially sized apartment. One may also consider whether they want to rent a basement suite, a ground level or second floor.

Read the lease carefully

Read and review the lease carefully. While most agreements are standardized, each one is unique and landlords are known to change or adjust key terms to tilt the agreement in their favor.  The best advice is to have a lawyer review the lease agreement before signing.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the lease terms, express them, in writing, to the landlord and have them clarify the term, in writing, for you before you sign any contracts.  

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