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Apartments for rent Stratford, ON

Stratford has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years and is now attracting more and more people to the area creating an unprecedented need for many different housing and rental options. Townhomes, studio apartments and rooms for rent are all suddenly in great demand as a city, perhaps best known today as the birthplace of global pop superstar Justin Bieber, is becoming increasingly popular for millennials as well as working professionals and new families. 

When considering Stratford, it is best to remind yourself that residents in the area enjoy an especially high-standard of living given their somewhat rural surroundings. Complexes are being designed to meet the many needs of a diverse group of renters.  From comprehensive structures offering many modern feature and amenities to townhomes, rooms for rent and single family houses with ample green space all at affordable price points.

When considering a move to the area, it is wise to use an guide to guarantee you get the most value for your money.  While cheaper options are readily available across town, well-furnished and spacious rentals are also available for those with a keen eye.  

Stratford residents benefit from a low cost of living as compared to other similarly sized cities and towns in Ontario.  Despite the low cost of living, residents enjoy a very high standard of living as market rates for real estate as rates can be as much as 30% less expensive than in comparable Canadian cities.  

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Renting tips & advice

Before looking for your dream home in Stratford it is important to consider the following factors to avoid making wrong decisions and choices

Seek advice from friends

Through friends, you can find extended connections that will lead you to super huge and cute spaces that will impress you. A simple word of mouth is important because it can direct you to quality locations that you never knew of and were going off the market within seconds. A personal connection can enable you to find your best match.

Confirm guidelines for pet policies

Before relocating you are required to figure out, the fee charged for pets depending on the number or a flat rate. You should also find out if the buildings allow certain breeds of pets to avoid misunderstandings. The fee charged for pets should also be reasonable so that it does not make you adjust your budget too high.

Measure your furniture

Bring a tape measure with you as you hunt for an apartment.  Having a tape measure, and knowing the dimensions of your furniture, will allow you to plan for your move.  Knowing that your furniture will fit in a space will make moving a little less stressful. 

Ask about additional costs

Sometimes landlords tend to give wrong information about this and so you should never trust them fully in this. You can consider asking the present tenants about the bills, and this will help you approximate the charges you will be required to pay monthly.

Set a budget and stay within it

Being realistic at this point is vital because this will guide you through the whole process. If you cannot afford a place or area, it is advisable to look for a cheaper one that is of good condition and quality standards.

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