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Apartments for rent Waterloo, ON

Parks, museums, art centers, spas, and the classic "Kissing Bridge" all make Waterloo, ON an ideal city to rent and live in. Students are often taken in by the stunning array of activities in this seemingly sleepy southern Ontario city. While known for the many university and colleges in the area, residents are treated to all four seasons each year and all kinds of creative artistic, cultural and business ventures that all seem to originate from the region.

Once considered the tech-center in Canada, the city of Waterloo has done an admirable job attracting entrepreneurs to start new businesses, which resonates very well with the many university and graduate students in the region, as well as to entice established businesses to open satellite offices and leverage the seemingly endless pool of very well-educated, motivated and passionate students from the many post-secondary institutions around.

Renters life in this area is very favorable as many developers are building open-concept spaces with ample living areas, modern amenities and creative incentives all designed to resonate with today's millennial generation.  From short-term leases to rooms for rent and rent-to-own homes, there is a good supply of rentals that will keep costs down and enjoyment up.  

Waterloo apartments are considered affordable by most.  With much of the city comprised of students, there is an abundance of quality locations that can be rented with limited budgets across town.  For those considering a move here, it is best to research the market and view multiple properties before signing a lease agreement.  Given the very nature and structure of the city housing market your monthly rent will, by a significant margin, be your single greatest expense.

Apartment Rental Statistics Waterloo, ON

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Renting tips & advice

Use the following tips to help you succeed in renting an ideal home:

Have a realistic attitude

Ask your landlord plenty of questions before signing the lease. Have an open-mind and be receptive to unique features of each individual property. Remember, the likelihood of finding a place that suits your real needs increases considerably when you know what you want. 

Know your budget

Knowing how much you are willing to pay for rent will make the search considerably easier. Few start their hunt without setting a stable budget. Use your budget as the single greatest search filter when considering which rental units are worth viewing.  While it is exciting to look at sprawling mansions or luxury penthouses, filtering your search to what you can afford will narrow your focus and ensure that you rent something that you’re going to truly love.

Move quickly

Once you know which rental your eyes are set on, do not hesitate.  Contact the property manager ASAP! Call, message, Facebook, fax, or go in person to discuss your intentions with the owner. Waiting will only provide other prospective tenants the chance to act!

Enjoy the search

Searching for an apartment does not have to become a labor-filled task. Enjoy your search. Bring a few family members or friends to help make the decision. Doing this will not only lighten your load, but also bring you to a space you will truly love.

Collect and store all documentation

Property owners risk financial stability if they do not do a background check on every applicant. Due to this, some will require more than just the traditional credit and background check. In case it is necessary to show additional information, gather your reference letters, letter of employment, pay stubs, and tax return information. Few will require this information, but it is better to be prepared.

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