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Apartments for rent Gatineau, QC

The city of Gatineau is part of the National Capital Region and is its oldest non-native settlement.  Founded on the north short of the Ottawa River, Gatineau is located on the western side of the province of Quebec.  Located so close to the city of Ottawa, ON (the national capitol of Canada), Gatineau is home to many provincial and federal politicians. It is to be expected that may federal and provincial government offices are therefore located in Gatineau.

Gatineau is home to the Canadian Museum of History as well as the Casino du Lac-Lemy, a very popular tourist attraction. It is worth noting that the Casino hosts an international fireworks completion, in August, and attracts entries from fireworks professionals from around the world.  Also, the city of Gatineau hosts a renowned hot air balloon festival which has countless colorful balloons take to the skies and sail for miles over the lush forests, rolling hills and waterways that make visits to the region so memorable.

Those considering Gatineau apartments for rent are encouraged to spend time in the city before committing to one apartment over another.  With so many quality Gatineau rentals available across the city, including cheap apartments and rooms for rent, there is much to see before signing a lease and committing to one apartment for rent.

Living in Gatineau, QC is considerably more affordable than in nearby Ottawa, ON and Montreal, Quebec.  Gatineau is known to have some expensive areas as well and its many excellent restaurants, vibrant nightlife and nearby casino have a way of adding expenses to one’s budget.  Prospective tenants are encouraged to budget wisely and to set aside a specific amount of money for food, beverage and entertainment expenses after first making sure that all apartment and living costs, including groceries, are provided for.

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Renting tips & advice

Prospective tenants are encouraged to keep the following tips and advice in mind when considering Gatineau rentals:

Apartment Pet Policies

Before committing to a lease for your new Gatineau apartment, it is best that you speak to the landlord about their pet policy regardless if you have or plan on getting pets in the future.  Knowing the landlord’s pet policy will give you guidance as to the likelihood of your running into pets in common areas of the building as well as the probability of pets being in your apartment prior to you moving in.  You may discover some Gatineau apartments for rent that might be perfect however, they may have a strict no pet policy. Having a pet does limit your apartment selection in Gatineau.

Volunteer in Gatineau

When moving to a new city volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make friends and get to know others in your community.  Working with various charitable organizations will help to make you feel at home in your new Gatineau apartment and will also give you an outlet to release stress in a healthy and constructive manner.

Take a Vacation After Moving

If you can afford to take some time off after moving into your new apartment, do it!  While Gatineau rentals are very attractive and life in the city is desirable, moving is a stressful event.  The search for apartments for rent in Gatineau can be very time consuming leaving you exhausted, it can take months to find the perfect place.  Returning to your new rental apartment in Gatineau, after a short holiday away, will help make the apartment feel more like home.  Being so close to many other great cities (even a night or two in Ottawa or Montreal) would be helpful in breaking away from all your moving supplies and getting into a new rhythm in your new Gatineau apartment.

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