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How do you decide where to live in the Boston area? You might have different preferences depending on your living situation. Whether you want to raise a family, find opportunities, or just relax, here are some of Boston's best neighborhoods for living and renting a house or apartment.

South Boston

For one of the best neighborhoods in Boston for recent grads, South Boston offers relatively low costs of living while still remaining close to downtown. It was historically a town for young professionals, and that legacy has not changed today.

East Boston

East Boston offers an above-average safety rating for the city, good affordability, and proximity to many restaurants. Working parents will appreciate how close the Boston Logan International Airport is.

Don't miss the Porrazzo Skating Rink for a fun afternoon or relax at the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation for a calm nature walk.


Roslindale boasts a very low crime rate, making it a safe place for a family. One of the town's most popular locations is the Roslindale Village Main Street with multiple walkways and businesses to explore.

You also get spacious housing with excellent schools, such as Sacred Heart and Phineas Bates Elementary School.

At the end of the day, wind down with some shopping at the local Farmer's Market or a visit to the Franklin Park Zoo.

When you're deciding on renting a condo vs. an apartment, it may seem like both options feel the same, at least on the outside. There are essential differences between a condo and an apartment, however.

For instance, ownership varies for both options. A Homeowners' Association (HOA) typically manages a condo, and each unit has its separate owner. Tenants are allowed to purchase condos like they would with houses. Apartments cannot be individually purchased. Rather, an apartment building has one owner who leases out to individual tenants. Often, the apartment owner is a whole company.

The way rent works differs as well. For apartments, it's usually a fixed amount that depends on current market rates and availability. Keep in mind that utility bills and renter's insurance are often not included in this amount. For condo renting, most agreements involve fixed amounts as well. The property owner decides on the cost, which can differ from unit to unit.

Finally, the responsibility of maintenance changes when you rent an apartment or a condo. One perk of apartments is that you don't have to pay for maintenance. You submit a work order, and the management arranges for repairs for you. In contrast, either you or the property owner must deal with maintenance in a condo. You will likely have to pay out of pocket, and the response time may not be as quick.

Choosing either an apartment or condo depends entirely on your own preferred lifestyle. Consider your options and preferences before deciding on the best option for you.

So what is life like in Chicago? It's no secret that the city is a beacon of development and culture in the United States, but it certainly may not appeal to everyone as an option for residence. Let's talk about some pros and cons of living in Chicago.

Reasons to Live in Chicago

First off, if you must travel around the city often, getting around by walking or through the public transportation system is pretty easy, even without a car.

Culture is lively as ever in the city. Chicago is famously one of the best sports hotspots in the nation. Featured teams include baseball's Cubs and White Sox, the NBA in basketball, and hockey teams like the Blackhawks. Soccer and football are definitely not in short supply either.

Chicago is a large metropolis and if this is the lifestyle you are looking for, it is the right place for you.

Reasons Not to Live in Chicago

We can't talk about Chicago living without mentioning the high cost of living. Unlike in other cities, groceries and restaurants are taxed. Property taxes are exceptionally high as well as of 2019. While this does not affect people renting apartments or houses, it does affect the landlord's costs which get transferred to rental prices.

And let's not forget the weather. Chicago earns its name “Windy City” well, as the breeze can cause problems if you're traveling often outdoors. The temperatures during summer and winter aren't exactly comfortable either.

So is it worth it moving to Chicago? It all depends on your own preferences and living standards. Chicago lifestyle may or may not be for you, but we hope we've helped you make a decision.

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, known for its barbecue and rich history. However, is moving to Austin, Texas, a good idea? What are some pros and cons of living in Austin, Texas?

The Pros

Living in Austin, Texas, is clearly an enjoyable experience for many considering how well-known the city is and how fast it is growing. For instance, the area is famous for its barbecue. In fact, even the street food vendors often deal with lines of customers every day.

Austin is also the city of live music, and you won't have to search long for a performance. It's reasons like this why many people answer the question, “what is it like to live in Austin, Texas?” with a response that claims how peaceful life is there.

Citizens interested in the technology industry will be delighted to know how quickly the market has accelerated in recent years in Austin. College graduates often move here for this very reason.

The Cons

The weather is definitely worth mentioning. Temperatures can lead into the triple digits on some summers.

Also, homeowners who love sports and arts may want to look elsewhere. While Austin is a cultural center for many reasons, having sports venues and museums are not one of them.

So, should I move to Austin? The answer to this question depends on your living preferences, though do know that many citizens consider Austin a lovely city to call home.

NYC is arguably the United States' most well-known city internationally, and thousands enjoy living in such a lively, neon place. However, it certainly isn't for everyone. How do you know whether moving to New York City will be a good idea for you personally? Here are some pros and cons to a New York City way of life.

The Pros

The job opportunities are a big plus. Few places offer more chances to enter the fashion, advertising, finance, marketing, or tech industries.

The NYC subway system, the buses, and the various taxi providers make travel easy as well throughout the city.

And despite what the crime dramas of the 90s will have you believe; the city is relatively safe and crime-free nowadays.

Also, one cannot say enough about the history, architecture and “big apple” lifestyle of New York City. As they say, it's the city that never sleeps!

The Cons

All these benefits don't come without a cost, the largest of which is… well, cost. High rents, groceries, and services are the reality here.

Also, while the job market is large, it's also incredibly competitive, making life rather fast-paced.

Once you've lived here for long enough, you may find the hustle and bustle as well as constant tourism overbearing. Blocked sidewalks and other frustrations will be common in some parts of the city.

How do you decide where to live in Boston with a family? Several factors include restaurants, proximity to transportation services, great schools, and low crime rates. Here are some suggestions for where to live in the Boston area when you want to raise a family.


Featuring many museums, kid-friendly parks, and well-regarded public schooling, Charlestown is an excellent neighborhood to raise children.

You'll love the affordable housing options, including condos and apartments. Plus, the Bunker Hill Museum and Boston National Historic Park offer an educational yet fun experience for the kids. You can also stop by the Warren Tavern, a Colonial-inspired spot for Fish and Chips and other delicious foods.

Hyde Park

Interested in a quiet and calm neighborhood to raise a family in? Hyde Park is your best option in Boston. Working parents can commute downtown quickly with the nearby Commuter Rail. Send the kids off to excellent schools in the area, including New Mission High School. You can even enjoy frisbee with the family dog in the large green spaces around town.

West Roxybury

Is safety your #1 priority? West Roxybury is one of the safest neighborhoods in Boston. Featuring affordable luxury apartments, condos, and homes alongside many opportunities for fine dining and outdoor recreation, West Roxybury should be near the top of your list when you're deciding where to live in Boston with your family.

What is life like in Chicago? Before you finalize that new condo or apartment for rent, do some research into West Chicago and its ups and downs. Read on to find out some living in Chicago pros and cons.

The Upsides

You can't live here without experiencing the various museums and exhibits. You have the Art Institute of Chicago, an interactive Museum of Science and Industry, an aquarium, a history museum, and a planetarium to name a few. Living in Chicago gives you access to various educational and interesting exhibits.

There's also an authorized bike sharing system implemented on the streets as well. You even live near the O'Hare International Airport in case your job requires international travel.

The Downsides

However, there are always reasons not to live in Chicago. The crime rates, for example, are worth considering. While crime has contributed to some of the city's media presence, including historical figures like John Dillinger and Al Capone, it may discourage many citizens from moving there.

Relocating to Chicago is a great idea for citizens wanting the benefits of living in a large city. However, the fast pacing and occasional problems of West Chicago make it not the best choice for everyone. Decide for yourself by comparing your own living preferences with what West Chicago has to offer.

Are you thinking about moving to Austin, Texas? Want to know more about what others think of the city before making the investment into a new Austin home, apartment, or condo? Let's summarize some of the high and low points of living in the Lone Star State.

The Pluses

Public swimming pools are a common sight in the city, fitting for how hot the summers can get. Whether you want to cool down or exercise in the hot summer, Austin is the city for you. Some public pools are even free to use during the off-hours.

Even if you're not interested in swimming, the hot weather won't be too much of a bother thanks to A/C. Air conditioning is necessary for long-term living here, and many public buildings do have A/C enabled by default.

Finally, you've probably heard on the news how much the technology industry has moved into Austin. College graduates in this sector might be interested in living here as well.

The Minuses

No city is perfect, and Austin does have its share of imperfections. For instance, it's a college town at its core. The nearby University of Texas at Austin brings with it the same challenges as any large university does.

You also need a car when living here, as public transportation is limited and many locations are far apart from each other. Traffic is infamously crowded here as well.

So, should I move to Austin, Texas? Take these pros and cons into account when making your decision. Regardless, most citizens will enjoy living in this beautiful and growing city.


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