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Known as the "land of opportunity," the United States of America is home to an array of diverse cultures and people from all walks of life. Apartment living in the United States provides prospective tenants the unique ability to explore some of America's finest cities including world-renowned destinations like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami among many others.

Long considered a "global superpower," in addition to being home base for the world's largest military, the United States of America is the worldwide leader in finance having the world's largest economy. Celebrated for its natural beauty, vibrant atmosphere, spectacular cuisine and thousands upon thousands of accredited post-secondary institutions that make education a top-priority in the region, there are many amusement parks and a seemingly endless supply of festivals and events that make renting in the United States a special experience.

Apartments for rent in the United States span the spectrum from cheap apartments best suited for university and college students to bachelor and one-bedroom apartments for rent that cater to young professionals and first time renters and to high-end luxury apartments and condos nestled in the most desirable areas and cost thousands of dollars a month. Apartment leases in the United States generally run for a single calendar year, but longer-terms are available. When searching for an apartment for rent in the United States, prospective tenants (especially students and other first time renters) are encouraged to do their research before committing to a lease. With many good-quality apartments for rent available across the United States, prospective tenants are sure to find something that meets their wish list and within their budget.

Cost of apartment living in United States

Apartment rentals in the United States can be very expensive. Those considering a move to any of America's larger cities like San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago are encouraged to view as many apartments as possible before committing to a lease. Setting extra money aside for entertainment expenses like food and drink is also a wise idea. With a vibrant and unique atmosphere in every city, it is common for expenses to rise, especially if not carefully monitored.

Apartment Rental Statistics United States

Apartments for rent in United States Active
Studio Apartments for Rent 11,788 $10 $85,000 $1,506
1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 41,447 $5 $185,000 $1,548
2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 56,476 $17 $155,000 $1,778
3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent 53,703 $50 $200,000 $2,585
Apartment Rental Summary United States 163,414 $21 $106,263 $1,854
Updated: 15-Jun-2019 02:03:02 UTC

Apartment renting tips & advice

Before you begin your search for apartments for rent in the United States, consider the following apartment rental tips and bits of advice to make sure you rent something that fits your wish list and dovetails with your way of life:

Be Selective

There are many apartments for rent in the United States. While the United States is home to more than 300-million people, developers are constantly building new and additional rental apartments and condos which is creating a growing supply of good-quality units in attractive neighborhoods with many creative and fun amenities.

US Apartments Rent Quickly

Prospective tenants are encouraged to act quickly when they find an apartment that fits their budget and meets their wish list as there are many people looking for apartments in the United States at all times. Be selective, but when you find an apartment that you can see yourself renting, let the landlord or property manager know that you are interested and submit your rental application as quickly as you can.

Student Housing in the United States

The United States is home to some of the world's most distinguished universities and colleges from around the world. A strong draw for students from all regions of the earth, finding affordable housing can be a challenge especially for those looking in major urban markets. Students and first time renters are encouraged to look for shared accommodations or rooms for rent with other students. Many apartments near US university and college campuses feature discounts for students. Speak your school's off-campus student housing office to recommend safe areas with affordable rents as a way of jump-starting your apartment search.

Be Prepared

Have all your paperwork ready and be sure to bring your checkbook when meeting with landlords. The US rental market is competitive and depending on the location apartments are known to rent quickly! Having your paperwork ready will show the landlord that you're a professional and are serious about renting their apartment. With other applicants likely courting them for the same property, it is in your best interests to be prepared, ask relevant questions and be flexible when deciding which apartment is best for you.

Speak with Existing Residents

Once you have chosen an apartment to rent, it would be wise to get a solid understanding of what it is like to stay there. Talk to existing residents about their opinions on how well the landowner handles maintenance and customer service. If this is intimidating or inconvenient, look online for reviews about all necessary information.
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