One question that you should always ask yourself when trying to find the right-fit apartment is. “What size apartment will I need?”. In Seattle, apartment floor plans include studio, one-bedroom, one-bedroom + den, and two bedrooms.

So, what differentiates a two-bedroom and one-bedroom + den apartment? What exactly is a den? These are very good questions that our apartment rental experts in Seattle seek to answer in this blog post. There are some important guidelines to consider and use when determining which floor plan works best for you and your lifestyle.

Seattle Two-Bedroom Apartments

Standard two-bedrooms in Chicago range from 1,000-2,000 square feet. All true two-bedroom apartments come equipped with two separate bedrooms, each with its own set of windows and closet space. They also have a separate living room, a kitchen, and at least one bathroom. Although the kitchen may be designated as its own room, in many two-bedroom apartments, it is within the living room area and delineated by a counter-top space. Two-bedroom apartments are great solutions for roommates or young families.

Seattle One Bedroom Plus Den Apartments

One-bedroom + den floor plan is a great solution for singles or couples without children. They typically range between 600 sq. ft. and 800 sq. feet and include a separated space for living or dining as well as den. The den is area is a small space in the apartment where you can have an extra table, office, sitting area. Dens can also be used for extra storage.

What is the Difference Between a Two-Bedroom and a One-Bedroom + Den Apartment


The main difference between a one-bedroom + den a two-bedroom apartment is that a den does not usually have any windows, closets, or doors. Dens are also not meant to be used as guest bedrooms. If you require an extra bedroom for a guest, roommate, or a child, two-bedroom floor plans may a better fit.

If you work from home or require the use of a computer daily, you may want to consider getting the one-bedroom + den floor layout. Having a den gives you a quiet, tranquil place where you can do your work without interruption. It also improves productivity as it creates a similar feel to an actual office.

Which Apartment Layout is Right for You?

Choosing between a one-bedroom + den and a two-bedroom apartment is an important decision to make. It also is not the easiest decision to make. Depending on the location and specific apartment features, you may choose the former over the latter or vice-versa.

What it truly comes down to is personal preference, budget, and finding the right space for to fit your needs. Other factors to consider include maintenance costs, rent income and your long-term goals.

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2 Bedroom vs 1+Den Bedroom

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Published: July 07, 2021