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Apartment For Rent

There are thousands of apartments for rent in every city all around the world. Take your time and view as many apartments as you can to get a sense of what's available, but act quickly when you find one that feels right!

1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent

One bedrooms apartments are great for students, young professionals and small families looking for their first place. One bedroom apartments are affordable, easy to maintain and loads of fun to decorate!

2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent

Two bedroom apartments are ideal for students, couples, friends, professionals and small families. The second bedroom can serve as a home office, nursery or extra storage space which is always a bonus.

3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent

Three bedroom apartments are great for growing families and established professionals. The extra space makes the living area feel much larger, but the added cost and limited supply can make finding "the one" difficult.

Condo For Rent

Looking for a place to rent that has lots of amenities and modern touches? Consider renting a condo. Often more expensive than apartments, but the amenities and extra features will more than make up for it.

House For Rent

Have a growing family and need some additional space? Tired of the downtown life and looking for some peace and quiet? Houses for rent are an excellent alternative to the high cost of buying your own home.

Townhouse For Rent

Townhouse are an affordable rental option that appeal to many different types of tenants. Townhouses are an increasingly popular rental option for renters seeking inner city convenience with suburban appeal.

Basement For Rent

Basements can be spectacular spaces with all kinds of wonderful features. Basement renovations are becoming more common and basement rentals are modern, cost effective, interesting rental solutions.

Studio Apartment For Rent

Studio Apartments combine the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom into one grand space. Low on maintenance and generally less expensive, studio apartments are excellent rental spaces.

Shared Accommodations

Great for students, young professionals and those who are new to the city, shared accommodations are an excellent way to keep costs down while renting a larger, centrally located and more flexible space.

Duplex For Rent

Duplexes are larger properties which have been divided into two separate units. Cost and availability have duplexes making a resurgence as modern, luxurious, affordable rental solutions in very desirable areas.

Main Floor For Rent

Spacious and affordable, main floor rentals are common in almost all neighbourhoods in Canada and the US. Spacious layouts, great locations and attractive rents make them great rental options for many tenants.

Loft For Rent

Lofts generally mean "open space, unique and dramatic lines with plenty of interest and character". Lofts are commonly found in trendy neighbourhoods and have become very desirable rental properties.

Bungalow For Rent

Bungalows are popular around the world because of their open layouts and modern touches. Great for families, renting a bungalow means plenty of affordable space without being overwhelming.

Split Level For Rent

Split level homes are functional spaces with interesting and functional layouts. The primary living space is often situated between the upper and lower levels making for easy access to both bedroom and basement levels.

Vacation Home For Rent

Vacation rentals or "Holiday Homes" are commonly found in resort towns like Banff, AB and Aspen, CO. Vacation rentals can be an excellent source of income for landlords and a source of great fun for tenants.

Search Rental Listings

For first time tenants and landlords the rental process can be a bit overwhelming. But, with plenty of research and a positive outlook, the rental process can be an exciting and fun experience!

Tenant Questions

Plenty of research and common sense are the best ways to stay safe when renting an apartment. Two easy to follow rules: 1. View rentals with a friend and, 2. Only send money after signing the lease, never before.

Landlord Questions

Signing a new lease can be just as dangerous and costly for landlords as it is for tenants. Owners, make sure to call references, perform a credit check and always meet with the tenants before signing a lease.

How To Avoid Scams

As a general rule, if something seems "too good to be true" it more than likely is. For example, if the rent is considerably less than comparable apartments in the area, you're best to stay away and keep on looking.

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