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Discover how to perfect your apartment viewing etiquette with this comprehensive guide. Check today’s blog for more information! Changing where you live can be an exciting new chapter in your life. Apartment hunting can be an avenue you choose to take when looking for a new home. While it can be exciting to imagine your new life in a new town or city, going up against other applicants in such a competitive market can feel daunting. At ApartmentLove, we want to help make finding a new apartment as stress-free as possible. With that in mind, we have compiled this comprehensive guide on proper apartment viewing etiquette. We will be discussing 6 tips to perfect your apartment viewing etiquette, so you can make a positive impression on the landlord and maximize your chances of securing your dream rental. 1. Schedule A Viewing Appointment Before you start imagining where your furniture is going to go in your ideal apartment, you need to schedule a viewing appointment. A viewing appointment is an opportunity to see your apartment in real life because we know that online pictures can never really do a beautiful space justice. This is also your chance to potentially meet the landlord or agency that is leasing the apartment so that you can begin to build a rapport with them. When scheduling an appointment, it is likely they will want you to either call or send an email to book a timeslot for an appointment. If you are emailing, ensure that you compile a message that outlines your availability, why you are interested in the apartment, is grammatically correct, and is polite and enthusiastic about the area. 2. Prepare & Prioritize Questions It is important to ensure that you compile a list of questions for when you meet the agent/landlord. While it is probably not a good idea to bombard whoever is showing you around with countless questions, having a few questions ready is a sign that you are engaged, realistic and enthusiastic about the apartment. If you are stuck for questions, here are a few that you can ask: 1. What are the transport links like? Public transit is critical, especially if you have gone back to the office working full time and do not drive. Asking this question shows that you are making tangible plans about living in the area and that you are willing to be flexible about your lifestyle around the apartment. 2. What are the hidden costs? It is likely that you have only seen the rent per week/month and not the cost of things like the deposit and agency fees. By knowing this information, you can make plans about how you are going to pay for any hidden costs, along with demonstrating to the landlord/agency that you are financially aware, making you a reliable candidate. 3. What are the decorating limitations? We know that one of the most exciting parts of moving into a new apartment is decorating and communicating your personality with accessories. But, it is important to note that rentals do not necessarily mean you have the right to make permanent or hard to rectify changes to the space. It is important to clarify what you are allowed to do to ensure you and the landlord do not experience any disagreements in the future. 4. What is the nightlife like? This is a good question to ask because the nightlife can say a lot about noise pollution, your neighbors, and much more. If you are looking at living in a densely populated area with a popping nightlife (for example - above a bar or restaurant), you will likely experience a lot of noise at night. Whether you are an early riser or a professional, it is good to know this information so that you do not have any nasty surprises after you have signed a year’s lease. 5. Is there anything included? Sometimes, previous tenants or the landlord themselves will furnish apartments for their tenants. So, when you are viewing the property, ask the agent/landlord if any of the furniture or accessories are included in the price of the apartment. Questions like these can help you save money on purchasing items like a sofa! 3. Arrive On Time When you have scheduled your appointment and you are getting ready to view the apartment, ensure that you leave plenty of time to travel and arrive at the apartment. Arriving on time is a big part of etiquette and ensures that your potential landlord/agent is not waiting around. They may also have other applicants to show around later in the day, so arriving on time ensures that you do not delay the rest of their daily tasks. If you do have a legitimate reason for being late such as traffic or an emergency in the morning, make sure you notify the landlord or agent ahead of time. Consider calling or emailing them and explaining your circumstance; this allows them to readjust their day and demonstrates proactivity on your behalf. 4. Respect The Current Tenant The current tenant may still be living in the apartment during the time you are viewing it. When viewing, please respect the current tenant’s space and do not impose on them too much. For example, try not to touch anything that looks like the tenant’s personal possessions, do not talk too loudly in case the person is working from home or has children, and try not to overwhelm them with too many questions about living in the apartment. 5. Respect The Time While overrunning can mean that you are interested in the apartment, it may come as an inconvenience to the landlord, agent, and current tenant. Try to stay within the time frame you and the landlord/agent agreed upon. Ensure that when your time is up, you respect it. This is important because other applicants may be waiting on the landlord/agent and may have other properties to attend to. 6. Follow Up With The Agent/Landlord If you are interested in the property, consider emailing or calling the landlord/agent and expressing your interest early. Remember, you are in competition with other candidates and the apartment may be given on a first come first serve basis. If you are not interested, consider sending a polite email expressing your gratitude for the time they have taken to show you around, but that you are not pursuing the property at this time. You may include some reasons why you will not be going ahead with that apartment, but ensure those reasons are not negative or rude. Looking To Find The Perfect Apartment For Rent? Are you looking to find the perfect apartment to rent? Do you need a listing site that is 100% committed to apartment searching satisfaction by providing a vast range of apartment options? View available rental properties across the United States and Canada on ApartmentLove now! We make booking apartment viewings a breeze by providing links to landlords and listing pages.
From Staten Island to Brooklyn, each borough of New York City has a different personality and flavor to the area. Today’s blog covers the 5 boroughs of New York City and what each borough has to offer to people looking to rent an apartment in NYC! From Staten Island to Brooklyn, each borough of New York City has a different personality and flavor to the area. Today’s blog covers the 5 boroughs of New York City and what each borough has to offer to people looking to rent an apartment in NYC! Often referred to as The Big Apple and the greatest city in the world, New York City is what many people would call the peak of western civilization. It has been dubbed the economic and cultural capital of the world, and for good reason. Originally named New Amsterdam by Dutch settlers, New York was founded in 1624 and became an official city only 29 years later. However, it was not until the English took control of the city 11 years afterwards, that New York City was given its infamous name. Transition to today, New York City is the home of more than 8 million people, making it the most populated city in the country and the 45th largest city in the entire world. With such an enormous city, it only makes sense that it would be broken up into different sections. New York City or NYC to locals consists of 5 unique boroughs, all with their own primary attractions and local flavor with a plethora of neighborhoods in each. Staten Island Famous for its large, open natural spaces, luxurious parks, and the history of its buildings, Staten Island is the southernmost borough in NYC. Originally Staaten Eylandt, the borough became part of New York 3 years after the city received its name at the end of the Anglo-Dutch War. It too was welcomed with the anglicized name - Staten Island. With a population of less than half a million permanent residents, Staten Island is the smallest borough in NYC. Separated by water from the rest of the city, Staten Island truly feels like its own quieter city with a spectacular view of the rest of NYC. Staten Island is often called a great place to live, with friendly neighborhoods and helpful locals. With its wonderful outdoor spaces, great family-friendly atmosphere and some of the cheapest housing prices in all of New York City, there are plenty of homes for rent in Staten Island that would be perfect for someone looking to move there. Brooklyn With more than 2.7 million permanent residents, Brooklyn is the most populated borough in NYC. Once named Breukelen, this borough was once a city in its own right; if this were the case today, it would be the 4th largest city in the country! The motto “In unity, there is strength”, says a lot about this borough and still holds true today over 400 years after it was created. With its central position in the city and great transport links, it is no surprise why so many people live here. With amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline, this borough is nothing short of inspirational. The motto “In unity, there is strength”, says a lot about this borough and still holds true today over 400 years after it was created. With its central position in the city and great transport links, it is no surprise why so many people live here. With amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline, this borough is nothing short of inspirational. Known for Coney Island and some of the best pizza in the country, living in Brooklyn is an amazing experience for anyone who can afford to live there as it has many rental properties available. Queens Named in honor of Queen Catherine of Braganza, Queens is a great place to live as it is one of the safest boroughs in New York and great for raising a family. Located at the center-east of New York City, Queens has the largest landmass of all the boroughs and a population of nearly 2.3 million. Home to two of the three largest airports in NYC, Queens has great transport links. It is also home to the world-famous baseball team, the New York Mets. There are many great apartments for rent in Queens, putting you right in the heart of NYC. The Bronx The northmost borough of New York City, the Bronx is the most culturally diverse borough in the city. The birthplace of rap and hip hop, this borough has a rich amount of culture from its one and a half million permanent residents. Home to Yankee Stadium and bustling nightlife, The Bronx is a great place to live due to the inexpensive housing options and many great restaurants. Manhattan Known as New York’s most famous and most regularly visited borough, Manhattan is often simply referred to as The City, as it is what people think of when they talk about NYC. Densely populated with towering skyscrapers and millions of locals, Manhattan is the center for global finance, trade, and the United Nations making Manhattan the core of the Big Apple. Manhattan is seen to be synonymous with NYC itself, existing as a long island to the west of the city. The home of Broadway, the Empire State Building, Times Square and so many other wonderful sights, Manhattan is the home of culture and commerce. You can live in the heart of culture itself as there is a vast amount of apartments for rent in Manhattan. Looking To Rent An Apartment In NYC? If you are looking to find a place to live in any of the boroughs of New York City, ApartmentLove can help. We offer apartments from studios to multi-bedrooms. Our advanced search functions allow you to specify everything about your ideal home including the size, price, facilities and so much more! Find your new home, and rent a NYC apartment today on ApartmentLove.com!
Looking to rent an apartment? Before you make any big decisions, you might want to take some time and ask yourself these 10 questions. 10 Basic Questions To Ask Before You Rent An Apartment It is important to understand what you are getting into before you rent an apartment. Before signing a contract or even looking at one for that matter, there are some questions you should ask the landlord. By knowing the right things to ask when you are first shown the apartment, you can save yourself time as the answers to these questions may be the tipping point between living there or looking elsewhere. 1. How Much Is The Rent? Perhaps the most-asked question when renting an apartment, and rightfully so, is how much it will cost you to live there. The price may be negotiable or it may be a fixed rate. Is it likely to go up at any point over your lease? The likelihood is that you will have a budget in mind for how much you can afford, so you need to know exactly how much and how often you are expected to pay. 2. What Utilities Are Included In The Rent? Basic living requires access to gas, electricity, water, and in the modern world - an internet connection. Find out if you will have to pay for all of these utilities separately or if they are included in the rent. If they are not included, ask about what utility companies your neighbors use and which ones are available. If they are included, find out if there is a usage limit or any additional charges. This is an important factor when determining your overall budget for an apartment rental. 3. What's The Parking Situation? If you have a vehicle, you will need somewhere to park it. Can you park it on the street? Does the apartment complex have a parking lot? Do you have a designated space? All of these are important questions. Additionally, it’s important to ask the question of whether or not parking is free or comes at a cost to you as the renter. 4. What Is The Pet Policy? Is There A Deposit? If you have a furry friend or are thinking about getting one, then you should be aware of whether the apartment allows them and the type of pets it allows. Some apartments will allow pets but require a deposit to be put down, which you can get back if the pet proves not to cause any damages. 5. Are There Amenities? Most apartments are furnished when you look around them but do not assume that any of the furnishings come with the property - make sure you question this. Does the place have a dishwasher or will you have to buy your own? You will also need to know whether the apartment has air conditioning and if there is a place in the building where you can do your laundry. There may be luxuries in the complex such as a pool, or a gym which you also may want to try out. 6. Are There Any Income or Credit Requirements? Some places require you to earn a certain amount and/or to have good credit to start renting the property as the party renting to you will need to know if they can rely on you to pay your rent on time and in full. 7. What Are The Terms Of The Lease? You should know how long the lease lasts and if there are any clauses that will result in payment when you break it. You also want to check for any other clauses that may result in additional fees as a result of another situation. This keeps you informed and prevents your likelihood of running into unexpected fees and charges. 8. How Do Maintenance Requests Work? If something in the apartment needs to be fixed, you need to know if it will cost you anything or if your landlord will handle it. In the more likely case that the responsibility of maintenance falls to your landlord, you must be aware of how to contact them, how quickly, and under what terms the work will be done. Set expectations for potential emergency situations and determine what process needs to be followed in those events. 9. What Is The Guest Policy? Some apartments may have limits on the number of guests you can have over at any given time or the number of consecutive nights a guest can stay over in any given time frame. This is more common with student apartments, but may be implemented in the one you are considering. 10. What Changes Can I Make To My Apartment? Before you pick up a hammer and start making the place your own, remember that it is a rented space and there are likely limitations to what you can do. It is more likely that you can give the place a new coat of paint (however, not always), while much less likely that you can start knocking down walls and making other major changes. Find out what the limits are and be careful to read through the contract carefully for any hidden clauses or loopholes. Looking For An Apartment To Rent? If you are looking for an apartment to rent in the United States, then consider browsing with ApartmentLove. Our advanced system makes it easy to search specifically for apartments within your price range, with your preferred number of bathrooms and bedrooms, and with the amenities or pet allowances you desire.
Milwaukee is Wisconsin's largest city and has a wide variety of neighborhoods and districts reflecting its rich history and culture. There is something for everyone if you are looking for apartments for rent in Milwaukee. Neighbourhoods in Milwaukee, WI | Apartments for Rent Milwaukee | There is Something for Everyone Milwaukee is Wisconsin's largest city. It's home to just under 600 thousand people, and its residents take a lot of pride in their town. Milwaukee is well known and appreciated across the United States for its largest export; Beer. Milwaukee houses the production plants for MillerCoors, which is best known for, well, Miller and Coors - but is a huge beverage conglomerate that employees many people in the area. Milwaukee was once home to four different large breweries, but now MillerCoors is the only national chain that still calls Milwaukee home. The city has a lot more going for it than beer-- it hosts many sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts every year who flock to Lake Michigan for maritime fun. It's also known as the City of Festivals because of how many festivals the city holds every summer. The largest of which is Summerfest, a diverse music festival that draws in about a million tourists each year. In addition to these beautiful activities and festivals Milwaukee is home to varied and wonderful neighborhoods that offer a variety of different experiences both for long-term residents and first-time tourists at any budget. This includes places such as the culturally rich Historic Third Ward, the naturally beautiful Riverwest , end the delightfully historic Brewer’s Hill . If you are considering apartments for rent in Milwaukee feel free to use the various search filters on ApartmentLove.com to create your own custom online apartment filter and find the best apartments to narrow your search in this historic and scenically beautiful city. Because of its lakeside location, Milwaukee has breezy and cool summers but harsh winters. Milwaukee has plenty of safe neighborhoods, but does rank high in crime nationally in some areas. Considering a move to Milwaukee? Read on to learn more about renting in this lakeside city. Milwaukee ranks lower than the national average on cost of living. Its housing market is especially reasonable. Because of this, Milwaukee is a popular choice for Chicago transplants who are looking for more affordable rent. Milwaukee has many apartments for rent and the market is non-competitive as of the time of this post (November 2021). However, the city is seeing an influx of new younger residents, which many believe is the first sign of a Milwaukee revitalization. Research Your Neighborhoods | Apartments for Rent in MilwaukeeMilwaukee has many diverse neighborhoods. Do your research before you even open an apartment guide-- figure out where you want to rent before you cast a wide net. Looking for a communal, bohemian vibe? Check out Riverwest. Need to be around green things? Look at apartments in Menomonee River Valley , it's home to Milwaukee's botanical domes and provides easy access to the Hank Aaron State Trail. And if you just need to be in a loft surrounded by art galleries and hip boutiques, narrow your apartment search to SoHo in the Historic Third Ward. If you're thinking of settling down in Milwaukee you're going to want to ask yourself some specific questions to learn about your lifestyle needs. Do you need Security in a gated community? Do you need a dishwasher and a dryer ? Is there parking these and the apartment or home furnished? These are all important questions to consider! Treat Yourself | Rent in Milwaukee is Affordable You can probably find plenty of rock bottom priced Milwaukee studio apartments on any apartment finder and hole up in there, but with such reasonable rent you can also afford to live a little! If you want the apartment right on the lake with the sweeping views and it's in your budget, go for it! Milwaukee also has plenty of townhomes for rent - if a yard is what you crave, you can score it in Milwaukee for a reasonable price. You don't find deals these good in most other large cities, so scoop them up here! Live Within Your Means | Apartment Rentals in Milwaukee If you're on a budget, Milwaukee has plenty of cheap apartments for rent. Just be sure to research the area before you decide to rent, because safety should always be a top priority. Regardless of which rental path you take, the city has plenty of apartments for rent. Welcome home to Milwaukee! ApartmentLove | Apartments for Rent In Milwaukee WI Here at ApartmentLove.com, we are committed to helping you find the perfect place to rent. By simply putting in the city and information you are looking for in our website’s search bar, you can find a list of remarkable homes, condos, and apartments for rent in Milwaukee or any city in the U.S. We offer thousands of rental listings in all cities across the U.S. and North America. From downtown to the suburbs of Milwaukee, we’ve got you covered. Our database of listings is sure to find you the best apartment for rent in Milwaukee, WI. Compare thousands of prices right here on our website and let ApartmentLove find your dream home today.
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