TORONTO, ON - Your lease expires next month and the landlord wants to increase the rent.  Is it time you start considering other apartments for rent in Toronto?

You like the apartment, it’s familiar and in a good neighborhood.  The commute to work is tolerable and Mrs. Jennings on the 3rd floor has finally started closing the blinds before getting in the tub. You’ve got nearly a thousand square feet of open living space, plenty of natural light and a sweet view overlooking the lake from your bedroom window. 

Alas, you’ve lived in this apartment for the better part of 5 years now.  It’s seen you through 3 ex-boyfriends, taken in 2 new cats and it was here that you started your very-own design business!  But, #GameFace Toronto is a beautiful city and there are so many great apartments for rent.  All things considered, change is healthy and it’s time to move…

So, now what?

SEATTLE, WA - From Pike Place Market to the Space Needle; Pioneer Square to the Seattle Art Museum and Century Link Field (home of the Seahawks); Seattle is a world-class city with many wonderful and exciting attractions suitable for all ages.  Not to mention a plethora of outstanding houses, condos and apartments for rent in all price ranges.

Host of the 1962 World’s Fair and home to the Microsoft corporation in nearby Redmond; Seattle has long been on the international scene.  One of the largest cities in both Washington state and the Pacific Northwest region, more than 3.7 million people live and rent in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. Those of you considering renting here will be pleased to know that there are many apartments for rent in Seattle.

Situated just 100-miles from the Canadian border, Seattle is known as the birthplace of iconic rocker Jimi Hendrix, considered by many to be “the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music,” and celebrated as a progressive and liberal city for work done supporting same-sex rights and the election of women to public office; Seattle is a trendsetting, trail-blazing (Starbucks founding) power center!

DETROIT, MI - So, you're looking to rent a house or apartment in Detroit to be closer to your sweet new job at one of the half-dozen big companies here (or maybe one of the countless smaller ones that have sprung up recently) creating a need for apartments for rent in Detroit the city hasn’t seen in years.

You hear a lot of things about living in Detroit. Cars everywhere. Bikes everywhere. Construction everywhere. Coney Islands. Fantastic bars, both old and new.  Hi-tech buildings next to old-school ones. Businessmen and hipsters living and working together.

It's true. All of it. Like any big city, it can be overwhelming at first. Here's a few bits of insider knowledge to consider, and before you know it your new apartment or condo will feel like home.

SAN DIEGO, CA - Tired of looking at, well…anything other than golden sunshine and miles of white sandy beaches framing rolling ocean waves? Yeah, we get it. Fortunately, there’s a solution!  A solution called, "San Diego, California".  A magical place where you can park your rear-end in the sand, close your eyes and let the world relax and time slow down. 

The best part, apartments for rent in Sand Diego are everywhere! San Diego has one of the most active rental markets in the entire United States which means renters like you and I have choices galore!  From shoestring budgets to sky-high penthouses, there’s a rental with your name on it.  All you need is a start, and our Search by Map feature is as good a place as any to get rolling.

HAMILTON, ON - An active theatre scene, as it is home to both professional and amateur theatre companies, national acclaim was brought to the city in 2006 by an expose on its burgeoning arts and culture sector. Since then, this sector has continued to grow as numerous art galleries, performance centers and activities have sprung up throughout the city.

Those of you considering a move to Hamilton should be pleased to know there are all kinds of amazing apartments for rent in Hamilton. Catering to all tastes and at all price points, apartment hunting in Hamilton, ON is faster and easier than you might think.

BOSTON, MA - That small town feeling and all the perks of big city living.  From mass transit, exceptional restaurants, fun pubs and storied universities and colleges, there’s something for everyone.  Whether you’re planning to rent an entire house or your first apartment, you're sure to find it here in Beantown.  So, kick back and relax as we highlight all you need to know when searching for apartments for rent in Boston.

TORONTO, ON - Among the most culturally diverse cities on earth, more than half the city's population was born in other countries.  At a time when our differences are pulling so many of us apart, the people of Toronto, the wonderful people of Toronto, are pulling us together.  

Those of you lucky enough to live in this magnificent city, and all those of you considering a move this bright, creative, safe and forward-thinking and progressive cosmopolitan are truly blessed.  Know there are all kinds of amazing apartments for rent in Toronto and that you're sure to find one that dovetails with your needs, wants and desires.

CALGARY, AB - The heart of the Canadian energy sector, the city has fallen on tough times of late as slumping oil prices have hurt the city’s reliant economy. Landlords and property managers have slashed their rental rates to attract new tenants.  Thanks to a long run of prosperity and then a sudden turnaround in the market, there are many excellent apartments for rent in Calgary priced well below their values. 

CHICAGO, IL - Chicago is a big city that's full of many different vibrant neighborhoods, all of which have plenty of options.  Whether you've lived here for years, or moving to the Windy City for the first time, apartment hunting in Chicago can be stressful!  With so many apartments for rent in Chicago, the best approach is to narrow your search and stay focused.  Your best move is to develop a sound game plan and stick to it!

EDMONTON, AB - The capital of Alberta, Edmonton is one of the largest cities in Western Canada.  With plenty to see, eat, and do, the spirit of the west is alive and well in Edmonton. Whether you’re watching Connor McDavid and the rest of the Edmonton Oilers take on the best of the NHL in their brand new and state of the art arena, or rockin’ the cowboy boots and cheering your heart out at the Canadian Finals Rodeo, you’re sure to be in good company here in Edmonton.

Just a stone’s throw from some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world, Edmonton is a new, fast-moving and energized city that continues to attract renters from coast to coast.  Featuring some of the finest outdoor living and home to numerous festivals throughout the year; no wonder Edmonton is considered such a great place to live and why there are so many great new apartments for rent in Edmonton.

MISSISSAUGA, ON - It’s no surprise that an expansive waterfront community with a large and diversified economy paying many high-incomes to area residents and only a stone’s throw from the “Centre of the University” aka Toronto, is drawing renters from across the country.  For those of you who long for tree-lined streets and large, spacious homes with modern finishes and all kinds of cool extras (think rain shower) you’re in for a treat there are all kinds of apartments for rent in Mississauga!

With many houses and apartments for rent in Mississauga, now’s your chance! Update your budget, collect your references and adopt your inner “Mississaugan” and find your next dream home here in one of the nation's fastest growing regions.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - A city steeped in history and dripping with pride. Philly may get a bad rap for its angry sports fans and unique accent, but it's a charming city unlike anywhere else.  Philadelphia has seen a resurgence of new residents because it's got the culture of an East Coast city but with affordability that beats New York or D.C. Philly is defined by its neighborhoods - each is unique and offers something special. All you've got to do is decide which apartment for rent in Philadelphia is best for you and the city its people will do the rest!

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