A Diverse Community

On top of livability, Jersey City is also known for its ethnic diversity. A true melting pot, there are thriving communities of people with Indian, Latin American, Chinese, Vietnamese, African, Middle-Eastern and European heritage. Jersey City also features the highest percentage of artists-in-residence of any city in the USA.  All of this makes for an exciting mix in which your cultural horizons can constantly expand through exploration of eclectic dining, festivals and arts, all at your front steps!

The Sixth Borough

Given how conveniently linked Jersey City is to Manhattan, it is often referred to as the sixth borough of New York City. The PATH train can take you directly from Jersey City into some of New York's most popular neighborhoods, including Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Midtown and the Financial District. Ferry connections to lower Manhattan are a pleasant option for those who work downtown. Commuting to Manhattan from Jersey City is often faster and easier than commuting from New York's outer boroughs.  The transit connections enable you to snag well-paid employment in Manhattan while enjoying some of the top dining and entertainment experiences in the World!

Scoring a Your Best Rental

Our apartment finder will help you uncover Jersey City rentals that dovetail with your needs and wants and most importantly your budget.  Prospective tenants are encouraged to make good use of our search by map function and to focus their search on a few specific neighborhoods.  Limiting search results will help you focus your efforts and will have you planning your housewarming party and placing your furniture faster than you think.  Wherever life takes you, know that you'll find your way home here with us.  #ApartmentLove

Published: December 21, 2016