The Montreal Apartment Code

Montreal is a bilingual city - if you aren't familiar with French, you will need to remember a few things as you search for apartments for rent. "A louer" means for rent, while "a vende" means for sale. Be prepared to differentiate the two and you'll save yourself some time. Further, most apartments for rent are listed with the number of rooms in the rental, rather than the number of bedrooms. So, if you see 3 rooms for rent in an apartment or condo, it's likely a one bedroom with a kitchen and a living room.  Confused? Hire the help of a property management company - they can translate between you and potential landlords.

How Cold is Too Cold? Renting in Montreal

Consider your commute when searching through apartment guides - Montreal's transit system can be spotty regardless of the weather. It's best to rent close to work here even if you do own a car. The bitter Montreal winter is not kind when you must shovel your car out every morning. An apartment close to work will minimize fighting with the chilly, windy weather and will make the living experience that much more enjoyable.

Splurge! (If You Want)

Montreal has a lower cost of living in Canada. That means you can find elsewhere. You deserve the extra space, but if you're a bargain hunter, you can find that too! Just remember, having a home away from home is crucial to beating the winter blues, so do not skimp too much. Happy hunting and best of luck! #ApartmentLove

Published: December 25, 2016