Finding cheap apartments near Seattle to rent require a bit of digging but are definitely there for those who are searching effectively. Among the various suburbs near Seattle to look at Clyde Hill, Redmond, and Samarrish (source)

If you are specifically looking for cheap apartments in Seattle to rent, then it also pays to look at Quincy which has low home prices and very affordable rental costs. Those who rent in that area make up approximately 37.9% of the population. (source)

Two additional areas to look at when searching for affordable apartments near Seattle include Spokane, and Bothell. Spokane is a city with a thriving arts community and a variety of natural attractions for residents to check out. Another advantage to living in Spokane, Washington is that it’s near the Columbia River. This area is good for outdoor activities that include boating, fishing as well as water sports.

Bothell is another suburb near Seattle that is affordable for those looking to rent an apartment for less. It is considered the third cheapest place to live in Washington and includes a dense suburban feel, with plenty of restaurants, coffee shops and parks to choose from. (source) Another great part of both Spokane and Bothell is that while they both offer affordable places to live near Seattle, they have highly rated public schools making them both an excellent place to raise children.

Luxury Apartments Near Seattle


When looking for luxury apartments near Seattle, you should expect the range of the prices to be as low as $2,150 to $27,750 per month. (source)

One good suburb to look at specifically would be Samarrish. Known for its beautiful hills, lakes, with most owning their own homes. There are a variety of places to choose from for entertainment including restaurants, coffee shops and beautiful parks. (source)

Another good area to look at is Bellevue. According to - Bellevue is close to everything. It is within a 15-minute driving range to areas like wine country, with an urban suburban mix feel. Also, most residents own their home and the public schooling system is considered excellent. (source)

Different Styles of Apartments Near Seattle

Different-Styles-Apartments Near-Seattle

There are several types of apartments to look at in the suburbs near Seattle. These include loft apartments, studio apartments as well as furnished apartments.

A loft apartment is very similar to a studio apartment since both don’t have a separate bedroom. However, a loft is larger in size, usually measuring around 1000 to 2000 square feet. On the other hand, studio apartments near Seattle tend to be around 600 square feet on average. (source)

Another option is looking at furnished apartments near Seattle for rent. You will certainly save yourself a lot of time and money by going with a furnished apartment but can expect to pay a bit higher in rent. (source)

Finding Furnished Apartments Near Seattle

Before starting your search for furnished apartments near Seattle, you need to establish your price range and budget. Rental prices for furnished apartments start as low as $650 and go as high as $9,450. (source)

One of the factors that will affect your decision-making process, apart from the price of course, is whether you’re looking at a short term or long-term stay. There are a number of resources you can look at for short term, furnished apartments for rent near Seattle. Sites like, ExtendedStayAmerica,com and

What makes these sites attractive for short term and furnished rentals is that they are simple to book. They include a 24/7 concierge, usually offer free Internet service and come with a built-in cleaning and repair service that keeps life simple and manageable. The price of furnished apartments for rent tends to be quite reasonable so if you’re a business person or want to stay for the short-term - the above three options are good choices to go with. (source)

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Seattle apartments can be among the most expensive to rent in the U.S. However, with the right amount of searching and visiting the right neighborhoods near Seattle, you can find your choice of condo or apartment for rent that fits your taste and budget. Visit us at We have made your process of finding the rental apartment of your dreams as easy and convenient as possible.

Published: July 07, 2021