There are plenty of cool new apartments for rent in Detroit. Downtown is the heart of the city, with the sleekest (and most expensive) apartments. Being able to walk or bike everywhere can be awesome and eliminates the stress of rush hour.

Midtown, to the northwest of downtown, is more spread out with a mix of new and older apartments, houses and condos for rent. Corktown is southwest of downtown and has the most historical selection; you could probably rent a small house for the same price as an apartment downtown, and you're right near Mexicantown and lots of amazing food.

Getting Around

Although there's a few public transportation options in Detroit, unless you rent an apartment downtown or in Midtown, you'll still need a car (though biking can also be an option in some situations, and there's quite a community of bikers).

As with any big city, rush hour turns many roads into near parking lots from 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM. A little extra in rent may be worth not having to deal with that hassle.  Most apartment buildings will have parking available for tenants and guests, though sometimes it's limited.


In some cases, property management companies, on behalf of the city, own apartment buildings. Make sure you research who owns the building before you sign a lease. Most landlords are perfectly decent people, you shouldn't have any troubles.  With that said, welcome to Detroit! You're going to like it here!

Published: December 20, 2016