PHILADELPHIA, PA - A city steeped in history and dripping with pride. Philly may get a bad rap for its angry sports fans and unique accent, but it's a charming city unlike anywhere else.  Philadelphia has seen a resurgence of new residents because it's got the culture of an East Coast city but with affordability that beats New York or D.C. Philly is defined by its neighborhoods - each is unique and offers something special. All you've got to do is decide which apartment for rent in Philadelphia is best for you and the city its people will do the rest!

Apartments for Rent in Philadelphia

Fishtown and No-Libs: Artists Abodes

North Philadelphia is the place to rent if you're an artist or musician. Fishtown and Northern Liberties offer many loft-style apartments within walking distance to the neighborhood centers. Many of these are offered through property management companies, rather than mom and pop landlords which tends to suggest better attention to detail and a more professional landlord-tenant relationship.

Wild, Wild West

West Philadelphia is known for its bohemian vibes and sense of community. West Philadelphia's main artery is Baltimore Ave, which is full of kitschy small businesses. Off Baltimore, you'll find gigantic brownstones, which have largely been divided into apartments. Rent in West Philadelphia is affordable, and the neighborhood is famously known for having the most trees in the city - definitely worth a look!

South Philly: Land of Row Homes

Philadelphia is known for its row homes, and no neighborhood has more than South Philadelphia. South Philly's row homes are an affordable option for recent graduates, young professionals and new families.  They pack a lot of charm into a very compact house. 

The Art Museum Area: A Green Oasis

The Art Museum area is located directly behind Philadelphia's massive Museum of Art. The area features apartments and condos on quiet, residential blocks. Nestled throughout are small bars and shops, but this is a great neighborhood for someone who wants a little piece and quiet. The neighborhood is also right at the foot of Kelly Drive, a popular walking and biking path located along the Schuylkill River that leads into Fairmount Park, the largest urban park system within the United States.

Philly is a quirky city and each neighborhood has its own very special vibe. Focus your search and enjoy the experience.  With a little effort and some creativity, you're sure to find a home all your own here in city of Brotherly Love #ApartmentLove.