Make a Wish List (and Be Realistic)

Think about what you really need in your new home.  Do you have a big budget and a yearning to be in the middle of it all?  Consider renting in The Loop.  Looking for a hip'hood full of culture? Logan Square.  Use your budget and your wish list as your apartment finder toolkit.  Having an apartment guide will keep you focused and on track.

Found your dream condo and at a great price, but it comes with a commute that you're not willing to take; keep narrowing down what's important to you and adjust your search accordingly.  Constantly refining your search will prevent you from making any impulsive commitments that you'll later regret.

Tell Everyone You Know

OK, maybe not everyone. But, word of mouth can get you far. Let your friends who live in the areas you’re considering know that you’re thinking of moving an ask them to keep their eyes open for “for rent” signs.

Get in touch with property management companies or connect with a real estate agent that knows the area - have them looking on your behalf too.  The more the better.  Lots of people are looking for rentals and every edge on your competition will help.

Keep Going!

The rental process can be tough.  Trust us, even when tired, it’s best to trek on.  Keep seeing apartments and keep working the market. You will find a new place to call home and will love every square inch of it.  Once you do find the perfect place, all the hard work searching will be so worth the reward! #ApartmentLove

Published: December 20, 2016