Portland is a Way of Life

Young professionals are attracted to Portland for all kinds of reasons, from study to job opportunities, but the city has a way of growing on you until you are a part of its flora and fauna.  You might start to care about the environment a little more, or learning to grow your own indoor jungle, and you might see some new craft beers find their way into your fridge, left over from a party with your new friends. Don't be scared; this is how Portland welcomes you - with arms wide open and with the expectation that yours are too.

Get Ready to Eat

If this is your first big move of your life, you can pretty much bet that things are going to go wrong, get mixed up, go missing or break down. But one thing you can rely on is that when you do finally arrive, no matter how much you have left in your bank, you won't go hungry. From entire gluten-free bakeries to restaurants that serve animals and produce grown right in the city—yes, people can have private home farms - and everything in between. What you fancy, and what you can afford collide here in Portland, Oregon.

When you're ready to buy

Let's face it, you're probably not looking to rent an apartment in Portland, Oregon forever. So, you'll be happy to know that the median home price in Portland is $242,000. For a comparison, Seattle sits at an astronomical $400,000, and San Francisco is frankly unobtainable at $1,000,000.

Portland locals are so handy and creative, you'll find places to rent that are special, unusual and whimsical in all kinds of ways. Be sure to take a pic of your new Portland pad and tag #ApartmentLove to be featured.

Published: December 20, 2016