Location of Edmonds, Seattle

The walkable waterfront Edmonds is a town surrounded by breath-taking nature. The Olympic Mountains are to the west and a forest to the east. It’s located on the shore of Puget Sound, an inlet flowing into the Pacific Ocean. Edmonds is in the southwest of Snohomish County. It’s about 32 km due north of Seattle and less than 320 km from the Canadian border.

What are Edmonds, Seattle and Its Residents Like?

Edmonds’ people are a big fan of art in every form be it performing, literary, visual, culinary, or liquid arts. They have the best ballerinas and famous cellists. You’ll find the art in the strangest places and in every nook and cranny. For entertainment, people find Edmonds having the best artists on the biggest stages.

Edmonds has retained its history from a century ago but has also an identity of a contemporary style. For example, there are many shingle mills built at the turn of the century giving stunning views to the waterfront walkway. Also, the ancient design of downtown pedestrians reflects the age of the area. While exploring downtown, you’ll see different antique stores and specialty shops that you don’t want to miss.

What to Know about Edmonds’ Beaches

Of course, if most people have the chance, they would choose Hawaii beach for some downtime. However, Edmonds beaches beauty is nothing less than that of Hawaii. It gives you a sense of bliss as you walk on the sands along 1 mile of shoreline. There are 4 main beachfront parks in Edmonds; Olympic Beach, Marina Beach, and Brackett’s Landing North and South. All of them are now officially marine sanctuaries. There’s a dive park at Brackett’s Landing where scuba divers from all around the U.S. explore eagerly. This is the most popular beach in the summer.

What to Know about Edmonds Ferries

The not-so-known family-friendly Underwater Park provides many recreational facilities such as scuba diving, sunset strolls, tidal pools, and playgrounds for kids. As you fly your kites, you can see ferries surfing. If you’d like to explore the Olympic Peninsula and the charming Olympic National Park, take a day trip using Edmonds ferry services. Craving seafood? Then you can go fishing for a lot of salmon while on the ferries or along the popular 900-foot fishing pier. You can catch a lot of squid or crabs, too. In addition, this award-winning marina includes restaurants and cafes for gourmet foods.

A Bit about Expenditure and Employability Rates in Edmonds, Seattle

The cost of living in Edmonds is about 50% higher compared to the rest of the cities in America. However, the unemployment rate is very low and there has been an increase in Edmonds’ job growth. Why? One reason is that among most cities in Washington, the city's population is old – age 65 and above. For young people looking for a job, Edmonds is the best suburb in Seattle with an overflow of job vacancies.

What to Expect When Renting Edmonds Apartments and Houses

Most residents there are homeowners but it’s not hard to rent or buy among a different range of apartments in the core areas or the surrounding. In downtown Edmonds, there’s a hilly strip of land where modern skyscrapers rise on. The residential areas can be found in the lower areas, usually in the north of downtown and along the water. Having a balanced size of the population makes Edmonds’ neighborhood neither bustling nor very quiet. Needless to say, as it’s a well-rounded city, it adapts itself to almost all kinds of people.

The monthly payment for Edmonds apartments varies depending on size, location, and other factors. However, as a general rule you are looking at a monthly rent of between $1400 to $2400. About 75% of housing stocks belonging to homeowner residents in Edmonds are single detached homes. Many large apartment buildings are also there to rent. They’re mainly composed of at least 3 bedrooms. It seems the residents are in favor of spacious homes. So, finding a cozy mother-in-law apartment for rent in Edmonds is not difficult in this residential submarket. Especially, since the town is known to provide a slower-paced environment for retirees, who make up a greater percentage of the population.

If you prefer to live in smaller places, there are always condos for rent in Edmonds. They’re a great compromise between a house and an apartment. Their leases usually last up to a year but you can have the option to rent from 6 months to 12 months. Keep in mind that the landlords in Edmonds often require a security deposit on an apartment rental.

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Published: October 06, 2021