For many apartment hunters looking for an apartment for rent in New York City, Brooklyn is a preferred alternative to bustling Manhattan. Apartments for rent in Brooklyn offer a unique and timeless style as well as community value unlike any other borough in New York. Apartment rentals in Brooklyn also tend to be a more affordable alternative to other boroughs.

The term “brownstone apartments” is frequently used in the Brooklyn rental market, as brownstone apartments are a unique feature of Brooklyn, exclusive to that part of the city. But for many newcomers looking for an apartment rental in Brooklyn, this may all be a little confusing. So, what is a brownstone apartment? We’ll break down the basics and everything renters should know about renting a brownstone apartment in Brooklyn. The best part? ApartmentLove’s huge listing catalog makes it easy to find the perfect brownstone apartment.

Simply put, brownstone apartments can refer to a style of apartment common in Brooklyn, or a physical location. But there is much more to know if you are looking for a brownstone apartment for rent in Brooklyn.

Brownstone – The Style

Brownstone apartments as a style are fairly straightforward. A type of sandstone, brownstone was used as a façade for brick homes, and it is a soft earthy brown. It can also be called freestone, since the stone is close-grained, meaning it can freely be cut in any direction. Brownstone became a common homebuilding material in the 1800s. It was a new material that was considered unattractive by the upper class, who preferred marble and granite for their townhomes. So, it became a cost-effective option to support New York’s exploding population, specifically in Brooklyn.

By the middle of the 19th century, brownstone became a symbol of the middle class due to its associations with classical romanticism and affordability. Today, brownstone apartments are associated with wealth and community due to scarcity. Brownstone mining had been on a decline in the US before it completely stopped in 2012.

Those looking to for a brownstone apartment for rent in Brooklyn are not completely out of luck, though. Many of the original brownstone townhouses have since been converted into cute, stylish one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Finding a full brownstone townhouse apartment for rent is not impossible either, these houses can boast up to five bedrooms!

Brownstone – The Location

Some tenants in search of brownstone apartments for rent in Brooklyn are looking for a particular location. The Brooklyn Brownstone Apartment building is located at 645 Macon Street, Brooklyn, NY. The building itself is the classic brownstone style, but brownstone apartments for rent on Macon Street are especially desirable. The location echoes the sense of community that brownstone apartments are known for.

Brooklyn has always been a mix of people from all over the world, and the Brooklyn Brownstone Apartments neighbourhood on Macon Street reflects that; a smaller community within the larger Stuyvesant Heights neighborhood.

For the foodies, Brooklyn’s culture and history can be tasted! Italian, Hispanic and Ukrainian are the three major cultures in the area. Saraginha Pizzeria is the place to go for authentic Italian pizza. Brooklyn Beso has bright, bold exotic Latin American flavors, while nearby Varenyk House has five-star rated Ukrainian dishes like Borscht and pierogies.

Macon Street and the Stuyvesant Heights neighborhood is also perfect for families, especially with young children. There are two charter schools, multiple parks and playgrounds, a public library and several child-friendly attractions, like the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and Monarch Butterfly Garden.

With easy access to New York’s extensive subway system and multiple bus routes running through this neighborhood, commuting is easy for young professionals too. Stuyvesant Heights is proof that brownstone apartments in Brooklyn can be for everyone. Let ApartmentLove help you find community and the feeling of home in one of Brooklyn’s most quintessential brownstone apartment neighborhoods.

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Published: October 11, 2022