Variety is the Spice of Life

There are limitless possibilities and bottomless plates for even the most discerning of foodies in Toronto.  Be it 5-star dining in lounges perched high above the city, happy-hour at your corner pub, or an impromptu stop at a food truck along Front Street, foodies rejoice!

While there are those that have long-professed breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, all things brunch reign supreme in Toronto. Where other cities limit this special occasion of a meal to only weekends and holidays, brunch is served 7-days a week here at the center of the universe! 

For those who favor the more traditional fare, familiarize yourself with the restaurants in your community.  Take inventory of what they feature and when.  Dinner in Toronto is equal parts necessity and event!  Best advice, follow your senses. Your hunger is in good hands here in TO!

What Makes Toronto Unique?

In addition to the open, kind, welcoming and all together fantastic people that bring the city to life through their art, music, and energy; Toronto is a center of innovation and design.  Ideas are hatched and empires are formed.  From Lakeshore Blvd to the Beaches; down Young street and along the shops on Bloor and throughout the west village, the atmosphere is electric.

Those that complain about the cold are only upset that the season’s, of which there are four distinct seasons, haven’t yet changed bringing with them a new energy and excitement.  Accept the winter and make it your own.  Invest in some tickets to a Maple Leafs game, take-in the crowd and soak-up the atmosphere.  Hockey is home here in Canada and the Leafs rule supreme in Toronto!

Considering a Move to Toronto?

Students are well-advised to consider 1-bedroom apartments as near to campus as possible.  While prices are known to rise around the University of Toronto, there are many affordable options for those willing to do a little research.  Young professionals seeking high-end condos are sure to find a good selection of quality and spacious rentals for under $2,500.  Families in need of a little more space will find all kinds of viable options in the city’s many suburbs.

Wherever life takes you, keep an open-mind and a positive outlook. When you step into a Toronto rental and instantly feel “at home,” you’ll be part of all that makes living here so great.  Wherever life takes you, #ApartmentLove

Published: December 20, 2016