GRAVENHURST, ON - Southern Ontario's gateway to stunning landscapes, outdoor activities, country events and a long line of history. The unique mix of small town charm and modern flare have made apartments for rent in Gravenhurst very desirable. Set up a whole new life at one of Gravenhurst's new condo complexes, or rent an apartment in a beautifully restored century-old house. We recommend that when you arrive, you explore the community, its heritage and its natural beauty on foot. Don't be afraid to talk to the ultra-friendly and infectiously warm locals, they're glad to see you!

Apartments for Rent in Gravenhurst

Small Town, Big Culture

The Town of Gravenhurst invites you to explore amazing landscapes, outdoor activities, events and a long line of history.  Lodge at one of our resorts or experience the shops and attractions in our Historic Downtown or rest along the Muskoka Wharf. Tee off at one of our Golf Courses or take a cruise on the Segwun - The oldest operating steamship in North America.  Gravenhurst is where the creme-de-la-creme come to play, rest and relax.

Where the outdoors becomes the indoors

Locals treat the outdoors like another room in their house. Even in winter, the only thing keeping a resident from the outdoors is a couple extra layers. You will see your neighbors making their own ice rinks, teeing off at one of our world class Golf Courses, taking part in the regattas and wakeboard competitions and even jogging in the dead of winter. From May to October visit our local Farmers' Market for fresh produce and other deserts that you can take home.

Life in Gravenhurst

Savor local flavors at one of Gravenhurst's many fine restaurants. From May to October visit our local Farmers' Market for fresh produce and other delectable treats.  Explore a community that values its heritage and natural beauty by taking part in the Historic Walking Tour or visiting the Muskoka Boat and Heritage Museum. Wherever life takes you, be sure to use our Search by Map tool to help find your next home. #ApartmentLove