A Bit about Ballard’s Geography and History

Ballard, Seattle is a neighborhood in the northwest of downtown Seattle. It’s between 2 bodies of water, the Salish Sea to the west and Salmon Bay to the south. It’s on the edge of Puget Sound and entirely within district 6. It’s only 15 minutes away from downtown. However, since it’s self-sufficient, it won’t make it necessary for you to visit there frequently. That’s why living in Ballard, Seattle is easy.

Ballard was once an independent city. This is recognizable by some district boundaries that belong to the past such as federal and local government agencies. It has a maritime history. Formerly, it was a sleepy fishing village and has preserved the earlier residents’ heritage.

There used to be plenty of salmon and clams in Ballard. The fisheries and timber industry attracted many Scandinavians as early settlers. As they made up a third of the population, they have had a strong influence on the community since then. That’s why most Ballard homes fly Norwegian and Swedish flags. Every year on May the 17th, there’s a celebration of a Norwegian holiday called Syttende Mai. It's the largest parade outside Norway to visit.

Things to Do in Ballard, Seattle

Whether you’re a local or visitor, there are many things to explore in Ballard, Seattle. Ballard Sunday Street Market is held in the morning. You’ll find mouth-watering food, crafts, and live street music in Ballard Locks. At the Locks, the elevated freshwaters of Lake Washington meet the salty water of the Puget Sound, an inlet of the Salish Sea. You’ll see boats in different sizes and of course a lot of wild salmon. At Shilshole Marina, there are also moored boats and yachts of various sizes and prices. It’s interesting that a number of people also live in their houseboats.

There are many facilities at the Golden Gardens landmark. It has fire pits, BBQ, and picnic tables. You can walk or play volleyball on the beautiful sandy beach. Kids can also play with the swings. If you like the spectacular sunset photo-ops, the park gives an amazing view over the Olympic Mountains. Sunset Park has a self-explanatory name. It’s a small grassy area to watch the sun go down over the Olympics and it looks down over Shilshole Marina.

The National Nordic Museum, one of Ballard landmarks, has a multicultural mission to show many virtual events. If you like in-person visits, tickets must be reserved in advance.

Famous Ballard, Seattle Restaurants

There are many stylish restaurants in Ballard, Seattle. In fact, some of the finest restaurants in Seattle exist in this neighborhood. They serve the freshest seafood and have even won awards. The nationally famous Walrus and the Carpenter serves oysters and seasonal foods. At HotCakes, people craving some chocolate gather to satisfy their sweet tooth. If you’re looking for a restaurant and a bar, Station 18 Drinks & Eats on Russell Avenue is the place to go.

Some international dishes can also be found. For example, La Carta de Oaxaca is famed for its great Mexican food or The Bastille for its French cuisine. Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai Cuisine also serves food from Mexico.

What are Apartments in Ballard, Seattle Like?

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, Ballard, Seattle is a place that offers you both quiet and bustling areas such as the Old Town center to settle in. The neighborhood’s low-density and high-density characteristics make it a sought-after area suitable for everyone’s taste.

Being a great neighborhood and having valuable land, Ballard apartments attract lots of home buyers. There are 2 types of residential areas. To the north of NW 65th Street, the area is quiet and offers single-family apartments. To the south, there are multi-family homes. Evidently, its density is higher. There, you can find a variety of homes such as townhomes, condos, and apartments to rent or buy. You can find some newly constructed million-dollar apartments replacing old homes in the north. Overall, with the increasing home appreciation rate in the area, developers recommend buying land for apartment construction as an investment.

2 Famous Ballard, Seattle Hotels

Hotel Ballard is one of the excellent boutique hotels in the heart of the historic area on Ballard Avenue. It’s within walking distance from downtown Seattle. The Olympic Spa, unique shops, and eclectic eateries are steps from its doors. Whatever your purpose is, business or pleasure, all the 29 elegant guest rooms give a feeling of luxury. It offers four room types each designed with comfortability and sophistication as a priority. All the rooms are non-smoking and pet-free. This hotel is also excellent for newly-wed couples looking for a romantic getaway.

The elegant Ballard Inn was formerly an American-Scandinavian Bank. However, it’s utterly renovated a century ago. It’s a 2-story building with no elevators. So, reserving a room on the second floor is not so knee-friendly. Putting that aside, it has 16 intimate rooms with all modern amenities. They’re all non-smoking and pet-free and a variety of bed sizes from Twin to King are available.

ApartmentLove | Renting an Apartment in Ballard, Seattle | All You need To Know

Here at ApartmentLove, we are committed to informing you about the latest news on many neighborhoods in major cities such as Seattle Washington. There is no better way to decide on an area or neighborhood to consider as a new place of residence than to get to know these charming localities in advance. Ballard can provide both a relaxing and a bustling environment. If you are single, married, want to start a family, or looking for an area suitable for your children, Ballard Seattle apartments have it all. From downtown to the suburbs of Seattle, we got you covered. Our database of listings is sure to find you the best short-term or long-term apartments for rent in this and many other areas of Seattle. Compare thousands of rental listings prices right here on our website and let ApartmentLove find your dream home today!

Published: October 04, 2021