Set Your Budget

Be reasonable.  It’s fun to look at some ultra-luxurious condos in Eau Claire, or sprawling Mount Royal mansions, but unless you’re able to carry the $10,000 a month (or more) price tag, better to stay focused on what’s within reach.  Setting a firm limit of 50% of your gross monthly income is a good move.  Remember, prices are falling across the city.  Use this to your advantage and negotiate for a better price.  You have the upper hand, use that as leverage when speaking with owners.

The Apartment Search

With you budget, references and credit report all in hand, time to begin your search.  Not sure where to get started?  That’s OK. Have a look at our Search by Map function and identify the places you’re going to be visiting the most, like your college campus or office.  Use those landmarks as an apartment guide and focus on the listings in those areas.  Refine your search by adding filters until you’ve narrowed your search down to a few prime rentals.  Now, contact those landlords and let them know you’re interested that you want to view their apartment.

Before You Rent

Before signing the lease and committing the next year of your life to a new home, be sure to ask about the building.  Speak with the concierge and have them show you around.  Inspect the amenities and ask about the building’s pet policies as well as visitor parking and any scheduled maintenance planned for the building.  Ask about the neighbourhood and where public transit lines run.

Take this time to interview the landlord and the building to make sure they’re a fit for you.  With some many apartments for rent in Calgary on the market, you can afford to be selective and to make landlords work for your hard-earned rental dollars.

Home, Sweet, Home

Moving day has come and gone.  You’re no longer living amid the boxes and have even hung a couple pictures. This is an exciting time and it’s important that you enjoy your surroundings.  Calgary has some excellent restaurants and all kinds of social clubs. So, rent a raft and float down the Bow River, or join a soccer team to meet some people, burn off some energy and have some fun!  

Take trips to the mountains and have tea at the Hot Springs. Enjoy the first snowfall and look forward to a hot summer.  Congratulations on your move and your new home!  Wherever life takes you, #ApartmentLove.

Published: December 20, 2016