BROOKLYN, NY - Has a move to Brooklyn been a dream of for years? Or have you been a New Yorker your whole life, but you're looking for a fresh start? Regardless, there's plenty of charm to go around in this bustling borough.

If Manhattan is all things posh and sophisticated, then its neighboring borough of Brooklyn is the rebellious younger brother - full of quirk and creativity, it does not take itself too seriously, but still demands respect! Recently, Brooklyn has been in the national spotlight as the country's hip mecca. Coffee shops, art galleries and DIY music venues are all staples of Brooklyn life. It is a gathering place for artists and musicians looking to surround themselves with like-minded creatives. 

Thanks to an inpouring of interest from renters across the country and from elsewhere around the world, developers continue to make  apartments for rent in Brooklyn more readily available.  Nevertheless, rent in Brooklyn is still considered one of the most competitive rental markets on the East Coast and prospective tenants are encouraged to budget wisely. 

Apartments for Rent in Brooklyn

Research Your Neighborhoods

People unfamiliar with Brooklyn erroneously think that it is one big neighborhood. Wrong - the borough of Brooklyn alone is still much larger than many U.S. metropolitan areas and has over 50 distinct neighborhoods. Where you can rent may be dictated by your time and budget, but do your research on the neighborhoods before you start scheduling viewings.  After you have found a few properties that you like, reach out to those landlords and let them know you are interested.  Have your paperwork ready (rental application, references and proof of income) and present well.

Get Ready to Shack Up

Brooklyn is a young area and most of its residents live in apartments or condos with roommates. Sharing common spaces and utility bills is an easy way to cut costs for many renters. Many shared apartments offer short-term stays as well, so if you are looking to move quickly and cannot find a rental, you can more than likely find a subletting option.  Ideal for first time renters as well as those on a tight budget, shared accommodations are an excellent way of getting the most for your money.

Put Together an Apartment Hunting Kit

Whether you are working with small-scale landlords or huge property management firms, you will quickly learn that apartment shopping in Brooklyn is a competitive market. Make yourself look like as tall and grant as possible by being prepared.  When you attend a showing, ask good and relevant questions.  Pay attention to the owner when they speak about the property and keep your emotions in check.  Renting in Brooklyn is competitive.  Do all that you can to give yourself the best chance of landing your favorite home.  

Stay Positive!

Keep trying, even if you are having trouble finding the right apartment at first know that your next home is just around the corner.  A positive upbeat attitude will keep you focused and on-track.  Stay to your budget and your hard work will be rewarded – it always is!  From all of us, best of luck with your apartment search here in Brooklyn, NY #ApartmentLove