Vieux Quebec: Haute-ville and Basse-ville

The historic heart of Quebec can be among the more difficult neighborhood to find rental housing in. While there are many condo and apartment buildings, low supply and high demand create few vacancies.  Those with extensive wish lists may want to consider other areas outside of the downtown.  Flexibility is part of the rental game here as landlords hold most of the cards when supply is at near record lows.  That said, do your homework and keep focused.  Apartments are made available throughout the year.  Those who are willing and able to act fast are the ones who reap the rewards.

Saint-Roch and Cité-Limouliou

These neighborhoods are close enough to the Old City, but teeming with housing and rental options that make them more attractive options for most new renters and millennials. Alarge park and Le Domaine de Maizerets offer 11 acres of outdoor recreation space created around the Charles River which flows from the St. Lawrence.  Those of you with pets will appreciate the green spaces and ample pet friendly options.


Home to several post-secondary institutions, including the Université Laval, this district popular with students and new families.  Apartment inventory is generally quite high meaning that prospective tenants have more options than those seeking accommodations in the Old City.  Sections of this district run along the St. Lawrence river which makes it particularly attractive to those seeking an active outdoor lifestyle flush with scenic views of the water.

Winter Wonderland

Once the St. Lawrence freezes over and snow coats the cobbled streets of the Basse-ville, Quebeckers revel in the outdoors. There are festivals (such as the now world-famous Winter Carnival), ice-skating on the river and many outdoor concerts.  Suffice it to say, it should come as no surprise that the famous Ice Hotel was invented here! Quebec City is an enchanting wonderland with many options to make it your own.  Those of you considering a move to the region are encouraged to stick to your budget and focus on your must haves.  Wherever life takes you, you'll be home right here in Quebec City.  #ApartmentLove

Published: December 20, 2016