Geography and History of Belltown, Seattle

Belltown is a waterfront neighborhood with a high density in King County. To the east, there is the Denny Triangle neighborhood. To the west, it’s bordered by Elliot Bay on the Puget Sound. It’s exactly north of Downtown Seattle and very close to it.

Belltown is named after William Bell who owned the land in the area. About 2 centuries ago, Seattle’s tallest hill was Denny Hill and it was Belltown’s original location. The Hill isolated it from downtown and that is the main reason why it was suitable for people on a low budget. The Hill also made the area a semi-industrial district. So, they thought of its removal and re-grading for gentrification. Artificially flattening the hill made Belltown a more sought-after area to live in as the process turned it into a trendy urban neighborhood.

Development Process of Belltown, Seattle

Soon after gentrification, hotels, apartments, high-rise residential towers, and warehouses appeared tempting artists and musicians settling in Belltown. These creators were the main reason for the establishment of galleries, studios, and clubs. However, what began its strong development was the burgeoning film industry, so much that the area was known as “Film Row”. The primary reason for the fame was the limitation of the flammable film exchanges to other locations.

Almost a decade ago, Belltown became renowned for being a walkable area with everything within walking distance. Nowadays, it has boutiques and local and national art galleries, and many other places for entertainment. So, that would make it an appealing vibrant area for living.

How Safe is it to Live in Belltown, Seattle

Admittedly, Belltown was once notorious for being a seedy neighborhood but nowadays, the nightlife in Belltown is amazing and almost all people feel safe in this area. Similar to other neighborhoods, to stay safe, it’s better to avoid certain streets at night that have a few vacant or abandoned properties with homeless and panhandlers roaming. However, as a general rule, Belltown is considered a safe place to live.

Discover the Best of Belltown, Seattle Restaurants

Belltown boasts several popular restaurants with artisanal foods. The award-winning restaurants constantly showcase their finest dishes. So, even the pickiest of eaters wouldn’t leave the restaurants unsatisfied. Lola serves Greek and delectable bites from across the modern Mediterranean dishes with local ingredients. FOB Poke Bar expanded to another brand in Capitol Hill as the healthy colorful dishes it serves gained popularity. El Gaucho is the darkest dinner house in Belltown and with the shimmering candlelight, it’s a perfect place to impress a date.

You’ll also find classic and inexpensive restaurants. At Green Leaf, you’ll spend no more than $10 for the most mouth-watering Vietnamese pancakes. The ingredients are shrimp and many fresh vegetables such as basil, lettuce, and bean sprouts. What’s unique about it is that it’s a hole-in-the-wall restaurant!

Speaking of pancakes, you don’t have to always settle for them. If you’re not a morning person and always looking for brunches, you can go to Boat Street Kitchen with inventive and extraordinary dishes. In addition, Cursed Oak can provide discounts in happy hours. With this spacious restaurant, you’ll enjoy eating your meal while listening to music. It’s a good place for rowdy birthday parties and dancing until small hours.

Belltown, Seattle Apartments

So, what are the best apartments in Belltown, Seattle like? There are a variety of homes with excellent interior and exterior quality. Belltown has many unequaled lofts and condos to rent or buy. To buy condos you can visit many areas such as Concord Condos, the Ellington Condos, or the Vine Belltown. Unlike Ballard where most residents are retirees who own their homes, most tenants in Belltown are young liberal professionals. It’s one of the best places in Washington to live in with highly-rated public schools.

As mentioned earlier, Belltown offers almost everything within walking distance such as public transportation and many interesting sights. The perfect proximity Belltown offers for visiting the city’s top event venues makes this neighborhood tourist-friendly. In addition, most tourists are willing to stay in well-appointed rooms including kitchenettes for their short stay to both save money and somehow feel at home. They can choose among countless new and cozy furnished apartments in Belltown, Seattle.

A Top-Value Hotel in Belltown, Seattle Hotels

The lovely Belltown Inn is in the hip Belltown neighborhood. It’s a comfortable hotel with outstanding modern architecture. It has a welcoming and friendly staff. They help you choose the restaurants you’re in the mood for, discover the best tourists spots, and give you directions. Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, Symphony Hall, and cruise ship terminals are all steps away. The rooms are spotless and the view from them is amazing. When you open the windows, you feel the gentle touch of the northwest breeze on your face.

This hotel also provides conference rooms for large meetings. There are also special discounts for multiple rooms booking. This is especially beneficial for the members of large companies to stay together and attends the meetings on time.

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Published: October 06, 2021