Duplex Rental Chicago: Everything You Need to Know

During your search for a new rental home, you will probably come across a wide variety of rental types—apartments, condos, houses, etc. However, are you familiar with the duplex (also known as a multi-family home)? If you have been searching for a ‘duplex near me’ and if you are wondering what it’s like to live in and how it compares to renting other types of homes, this blog is for you. Here are 5 things to keep in mind with duplex rentals in Chicago:

What is a Duplex

The word duplex comes from the Latin word for “double” or “twofold”. It refers to a home divided into two separate rental units with their own entrances. However, in some high-density rental areas, this term can also refer to an apartment with two floors, where each floor is linked by a staircase or an elevator.

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Also, be aware that townhomes and duplexes are often mistaken for each other. The main difference is the number of homes that are attached. A duplex consists of only two homes sharing one wall, whereas a townhome usually can be found in a row of attached houses. Be sure to search for townhomes for rent in Illinois instead, in case you don’t mind sharing more than one wall with your neighbors!

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What is the Cost of a Duplex Rental in Chicago

As with any rental type, the cost depends on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and so on. Expect to pay more for a 3 bedroom duplex for rent compared to a 1 bedroom duplex. The cost of a duplex rental in Chicago is very similar however to the cost of renting an apartment or house in the same neighborhood with a similar number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage. You can expect to pay more rent for a duplex in a trendy, in-town neighborhood as opposed to a similar duplex situated in the suburbs.

What are the Pros and Cons to Renting a Duplex

When you choose to search for duplexes instead of for apartments for rent in Chicago, it is good to know that duplex rentals come with certain advantages and disadvantages that you’ll have to factor in while deciding on which unit type is right for you.

Pros of a Duplex Rental

  • Only one wall is shared with a neighbor.
  • Units are spacious and comfortable and may include a backyard and car park area.
  • Affordable

Cons of a Duplex Rental

  • There won’t be access to apartment-style amenities, such as an onsite gym and storage lockers.
  • You may be required to share parts of the rental, such as the backyard and laundry unit.
  • More responsibility in terms of maintenance, such as yard work and snow shoveling.

Living in a duplex can be a unique, rewarding experience in comparison to renting other types of properties. Whether you’re looking for a little more space or privacy, a duplex might just be the perfect home rental for you. Click here to start your search for an affordable duplex rental in Chicago today. 

5 Expert Tips for Finding the Right Duplex in Chicago

  • Gather information about your neighbor – It is a common practice for landlords to live in one of the units in the duplex. Knowing this information beforehand will be key to your final decision. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of sharing a roof and amenities with their landlord and perhaps even interacting with them every day.

  • Gather information about the previous tenants – Having information about the previous tenants at your disposal will also be key to your decision-making. Ask to speak to the previous tenants to find out who they are (e.g., young family) and to see what the reasons were for them moving out.

  • Know your rental and tenant rights.  Most residential tenants in Chicago are protected under the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (“RLTO”). The Chicago rental market is highly regulated. Landlords are required to obey city bylaws, state laws, building codes, and federal laws. Before signing a rental agreement, it’s important to review and understand the terms set down by the RLTO and its limits.  

  • Get everything in writing. To avoid unpleasant disputes or misunderstandings with your landlord, it is important to put everything in writing. Keep copies of any correspondence and follow up an oral agreement with a letter. For example, if you ask for a repair to be made, put your request in writing and keep a copy for yourself. If the landlord agrees orally, send a letter to confirm your request.

  • Purchase Rental Insurance. Your landlord's insurance policy doesn’t cover your losses due to theft or damage; however, rental insurance does. Renters' insurance also covers you if you get sued by someone who claims to have been injured in your rental unit due to carelessness.

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Published: May 23, 2021