Changing where you live can be an exciting new chapter in your life. Apartment hunting can be an avenue you choose to take when looking for a new home. While it can be exciting to imagine your new life in a new town or city, going up against other applicants in such a competitive market can feel daunting.

At ApartmentLove, we want to help make finding a new apartment as stress-free as possible. With that in mind, we have compiled this comprehensive guide on proper apartment viewing etiquette.

We will be discussing 6 tips to perfect your apartment viewing etiquette, so you can make a positive impression on the landlord and maximize your chances of securing your dream rental.

1. Schedule A Viewing Appointment

Before you start imagining where your furniture is going to go in your ideal apartment, you need to schedule a viewing appointment. A viewing appointment is an opportunity to see your apartment in real life because we know that online pictures can never really do a beautiful space justice. This is also your chance to potentially meet the landlord or agency that is leasing the apartment so that you can begin to build a rapport with them.

When scheduling an appointment, it is likely they will want you to either call or send an email to book a timeslot for an appointment. If you are emailing, ensure that you compile a message that outlines your availability, why you are interested in the apartment, is grammatically correct, and is polite and enthusiastic about the area.

2. Prepare & Prioritize Questions

It is important to ensure that you compile a list of questions for when you meet the agent/landlord. While it is probably not a good idea to bombard whoever is showing you around with countless questions, having a few questions ready is a sign that you are engaged, realistic and enthusiastic about the apartment. If you are stuck for questions, here are a few that you can ask:

1. What are the transport links like?

Public transit is critical, especially if you have gone back to the office working full time and do not drive. Asking this question shows that you are making tangible plans about living in the area and that you are willing to be flexible about your lifestyle around the apartment.

2. What are the hidden costs?

It is likely that you have only seen the rent per week/month and not the cost of things like the deposit and agency fees. By knowing this information, you can make plans about how you are going to pay for any hidden costs, along with demonstrating to the landlord/agency that you are financially aware, making you a reliable candidate.

3. What are the decorating limitations?

We know that one of the most exciting parts of moving into a new apartment is decorating and communicating your personality with accessories. But, it is important to note that rentals do not necessarily mean you have the right to make permanent or hard to rectify changes to the space. It is important to clarify what you are allowed to do to ensure you and the landlord do not experience any disagreements in the future.

4. What is the nightlife like?

This is a good question to ask because the nightlife can say a lot about noise pollution, your neighbors, and much more. If you are looking at living in a densely populated area with a popping nightlife (for example - above a bar or restaurant), you will likely experience a lot of noise at night.

Whether you are an early riser or a professional, it is good to know this information so that you do not have any nasty surprises after you have signed a year’s lease.

5. Is there anything included?

Sometimes, previous tenants or the landlord themselves will furnish apartments for their tenants. So, when you are viewing the property, ask the agent/landlord if any of the furniture or accessories are included in the price of the apartment. Questions like these can help you save money on purchasing items like a sofa!

3. Arrive On Time

When you have scheduled your appointment and you are getting ready to view the apartment, ensure that you leave plenty of time to travel and arrive at the apartment. Arriving on time is a big part of etiquette and ensures that your potential landlord/agent is not waiting around.

They may also have other applicants to show around later in the day, so arriving on time ensures that you do not delay the rest of their daily tasks. If you do have a legitimate reason for being late such as traffic or an emergency in the morning, make sure you notify the landlord or agent ahead of time. Consider calling or emailing them and explaining your circumstance; this allows them to readjust their day and demonstrates proactivity on your behalf.

4. Respect The Current Tenant

The current tenant may still be living in the apartment during the time you are viewing it. When viewing, please respect the current tenant’s space and do not impose on them too much.

For example, try not to touch anything that looks like the tenant’s personal possessions, do not talk too loudly in case the person is working from home or has children, and try not to overwhelm them with too many questions about living in the apartment.

5. Respect The Time

While overrunning can mean that you are interested in the apartment, it may come as an inconvenience to the landlord, agent, and current tenant. Try to stay within the time frame you and the landlord/agent agreed upon. Ensure that when your time is up, you respect it. This is important because other applicants may be waiting on the landlord/agent and may have other properties to attend to.

6. Follow Up With The Agent/Landlord

If you are interested in the property, consider emailing or calling the landlord/agent and expressing your interest early. Remember, you are in competition with other candidates and the apartment may be given on a first come first serve basis.

If you are not interested, consider sending a polite email expressing your gratitude for the time they have taken to show you around, but that you are not pursuing the property at this time. You may include some reasons why you will not be going ahead with that apartment, but ensure those reasons are not negative or rude.

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Published: April 25, 2022