OTTAWA, ON - Canada's fourth largest city and a popular destination for people looking for a mix of power and the arts.  The national capital, Ottawa is an exciting combination of modern amenities and old world charm.  With all kinds of incredible houses and apartments for rent in Ottawa, you’re sure to feel right at home in this postcard perfect city.

Located Along the Ottawa River in Southeastern Ontario, the city itself is surrounded by spectacular green spaces and nature reserves, yet it's still near Montreal and New York state, so there's ample opportunity to explore new places.


Consider the Weather

There are many apartments for rent in Ottawa, but notoriously harsh winters mean there are definite peaks and valleys in the rental season.  Ottawa has an extensive public transit system, but with temperatures lingering below zero for weeks in the winter, you'll want to minimize your time outside as best you can.

There's Something for Everyone in Ottawa

Ottawa has reasonable rents for a large, metropolitan city. If you want an apartment that's bare bones but efficient, you can likely score a deal. However, if you want a nice condo in the center of it all, Ottawa has that too. It's up to you, so be realistic about your budget when looking for rentals.

Be Prepared

If you've found an apartment for rent that seems like it came straight out of your dreams, pounce on it! Landlords will give you extra consideration if you're prepared - have references, credit reports and bank statements ready. You'll stand out from other potential tenants and your preparedness may just be the deciding factor.  Once you're in, all you need to do is hunker down and wait for that beautiful Ottawa spring! Welcome home #ApartmentLove