Understanding What's Affordable in Bellevue Seattle

Finding a place to rent doesn’t have to be complicated. In this post, we are providing some valuable tips to help you find the best apartment possible. In the Bellevue Seattle region.

Let’s start with affordability – it’s always important to know property and rental prices in advance of starting your search. Creating a budget is important since affordability will obviously differ from person to person. Your monthly rent should rarely exceed 20% of your monthly income. Making a budget based on this rule is straightforward. The next step is knowing the price of various different apartment rentals for comparison. Bellevue apartments range in price based on what you’re looking for. The average studio apartment is $1,896 per month, while Bellevue luxury apartments can cost more than $4,000 per month. It's essential to take a step back and see what you are paying for. Amenities and untaggable things like a view can make it worthwhile. Apartments in Bellevue are excellent as they usually offer various features all in one apartment rental. The important thing is finding what works best for you.

Best Ways to Cuts Costs When Renting in Bellevue Seattle

Knowing what is affordable is one thing, but there are always ways to cut costs. Something that didn’t seem reasonable at first may quickly be an option. First, look outside urban areas. The city center may seem like a top priority, but there are always ways to get to it. The cost could be hundreds of dollars more just because you are closer to downtown Seattle. Public transportation is a great way to cut down on daily expenses. Finding a rental apartment in Bellevue which is outside the downtown core has great value. You are paying considerably lower rent and are only a bus ride away from downtown. Another tip is as simple as finding a roommate to share rental costs with. It's always cheaper when you can divide rent with a roommate, so try to find a balance in comfort vs value. The last tip for cutting costs is thinking small. It is easy to think you need all the space in the world. Most of the time, you can fit what you need in a studio apartment. Being realistic with what you want vs what you need can save you a lot of money.

Key Factors to Look Out for on Your Hunt

Now that you know what to look out for, it's time to start hunting for the perfect property. Don’t wait to jump right before you plan to move. Take 2-3 months in advance to begin your search and prepare correctly. While looking, it's crucial to consider the features of different Bellevue apartments, but make sure you look to the basics first. The four critical factors of looking for a place to rent are price, transportation, convenience and safety. Finding the best possible combination of those four things will get you the best Bellevue apartment potential. Apartments in Bellevue are reasonably consistent, so look towards the other 3 using price as a base. If you have a car, transportation would also not count, leaving you with only two things to consider. Not having a car just means you need to look out for spots near public transportation. Convenience solves many of these issues by finding a property close to where you work or areas in the city that are most important to you. Having amenities like a laundry machine inside the apartment is a fantastic feature that should be taken into account. However, the most important factor is safety. Making sure the area is safe should be top of the list. Beware as cheap places are often found in dangerous neighborhoods. So do your research before you rent!

Preforming a Self-inspection When Renting in Bellevue Seattle

After finding the perfect place, the next step is making sure it's all as is being represented. That means performing an inspection on the property. The first thing to look out for is pictures and, more importantly, a house tour if they offer one. On the tour, you might see things that are not consistent with the listing. Those red flags are super essential to look out for. Searching is something you can do from the comfort of your home. However, going to the property itself is the best way to know what you are getting. While you are there, it's essential to look out for things that the owner might be trying to hide or play down. Also, make sure all the utilities and outlets work properly. Lastly, take pictures on your tour so you can plan out where you want to put furniture etc. A self-inspection will find any red flags and make sure the rental property is the right fit for you.

Asking the Right Questions

There are no wrong questions, so make sure you ask anything that is on your mind. Some important questions to ask are quite simple but people forget i.e. is there a fee for parking? are utilities included? Does the building have a laundry room? Other important questions are specific things like, how do I make a maintenance order? Another vital factor to consider is the policies that the apartment follows; things like pets, smoking and other policies differ from place to place. Ask anything that you are unsure about, even questions that may seem obvious.

Negotiating Within Reason

The last thing to consider is negotiating the price, especially if you plan to stay for an extended period of time. Knowing when it is appropriate to negotiate can be difficult. Look out for outlining problems that need fixing around the property. If the listing has been up for a long time , it may be a good time to lower the rental price offer. Other factors like the season could only play a role. Look at all the options you can leverage with the rental property and bring it to the owner with your reduced offer It is always important to do your research on the property before beginning any negotiations with the Landlord.

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Published: September 15, 2021