Finding an Apartment to Rent in Anchorage

While there are plenty of new and modern rentals available throughout the city, there is a strong degree of seasonality that prospective renters need to be aware of.  The short summer months are the most active rental months of the year and prospects need to be prepared and willing to act fast if they hope to find a good home.  The long winter months are less chaotic for renters but the supply of apartments is considerably lower.  Either way, prospects are well-advised to have their paperwork ready and to be prepared to act fast. When you find a home that fits your needs and wants while dovetailing with your budget, submit your application! Any delay could result in your dream home going to someone else.

Amenities, Utilities and Services

Check what is included in your rental fees. While it is common for landlords to include some or all of the amenities when renting elsewhere in the United States, life in Alaska is different and renters need to be aware of the added costs.  Speak with the owner/manager of the unit before signing the lease and make sure that everything, especially as it related to what you will be paying, is clearly defined in the lease before you sign anything.

Location, Location. LOCATION!

Those of you who are new to the region are encouraged to make good use of our search by map functionality.  Set key points on the map, such as your place of work, and expand your search outwards from there.  Apply filters to narrow your search and specifically identify which properties are best suited for you and your needs.  Most importantly, stay calm. The world is within reach in Anchorage, best to reach out and grab it with both hands and hang-on for the ride of your life!  Wherever life takes you, know that you have a home here with us. #ApartmentLove

Published: December 21, 2016