See the Neighborhood’s Landmarks

Fremont Seattle is full of incredible spots to see and experience. It is so unique that it was originally considered a city separate from Seattle. Start by checking out Fremont’s most well-known attraction, the Fremont Troll. Located under the Aurora Bridge, the 18-foot-tall troll is seen grabbing a Volkswagen Beetle. Inside the vehicle is a time capsule full of Elvis memorabilia. The unique scene makes for an ideal photo opportunity. The Fremont Troll is only one of the many quirky landmarks to check out. Three other popular landmarks to look out for are the Lenin Statue, ‘Waiting for the Interurban’ and Sri Chimnoy. While you’re in the area, stop by the Fremont Rocket, a 53-foot Cold War fuselage displayed at Army Surplus. As you travel around, you can ride over the Fremont Bridge, which was inaugurated in 1917. There are many things to do in Fremont Seattle, and like any other place, it begins with sightseeing.

Checkout the Local Fremont Seattle Shopping Scene

One of the main delights that Fremont Seattle has to offer is its wonderful indie shops. You can walk around and find a place that is perfect for everyone. From local vinyl stores like Jive Time Records to the Fremont Vintage Mall. Enjoy all the different types of stores and help out local businesses at the same time. If you are around on a Sunday, you could have the pleasure of shopping at the Fremont Market. Established back in 1900, this Sunday tradition brings all different types of stalls to for you to explore. Rain or shine, the market is open for business on Sundays. It's the peak of Fremont Seattle shopping, so plan your weekend accordingly and enjoy this bustling event. Fremont Seattle hotels are in walking distance from the market’s location, so you’ll have no trouble getting to the Fremont Market in time.

Stop by the Theos Chocolate Factory

If you enjoy chocolate, Fremont Seattle is the place to be. It is home to the only Theo Chocolate Factory and store. They were founded in 2006 with a mission to create and provide delicious artisan chocolates. They are proud to be revolutionaries in the chocolatier industry. They offer factory tours in which you can sample the many fair trade organic chocolates that they sell. If you want to learn more about chocolate, explore the Theo Chocolate Factory classes and events to expand the horizons of your chocolate senses. Overall, it's worth a visit just to taste the delicious artisanal chocolate.

Explore Local Restaurants

Fremont offers many local restaurants for you to explore. Fremont Seattle restaurants range from casual to trendy, so find a place that fits you style or taste. Some of the many simple options include Red Star Taco Bar, Triangle Spirits (gourmet burgers), El Camino (Mexican), ZapVerr (Thai) and Revel (Korean). For more lavish and trendy options, make a reservation ahead of time. Places like Claret Wine Bar, The Masonry Fremont and The Whales Wins are great restaurants to explore. After your meal, make sure to hit up the local bars and experience what the Fremont nightlife.

Plan Your Visit around the Fremont Solstice Parade/Festival

This annual event occurs each June, and takes over six city blocks in Fremont. It’s produced by the Fremont Arts Council, which is a non-profit organization based in the neighborhood. The parade is famous for its style and flair. It's widely known for its body-painted Solstice Cyclists. There is incredible music to enjoy and fun crowds to join. If you have the privilege to go, do not miss your chance. Fremont Seattle events are all significant, but the Solstice Parade is considered the best.

Find the Perfect Place to Stay

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Published: September 13, 2021