Living in Bitter Lake Seattle

The Bitter Lake neighborhood in Seattle offers a fantastic communal atmosphere. Everyone is welcome, and is considered to be one of the best areas to reside in Seattle, Washington. Bitter Lake Seattle has an urban feel and many homeowners are increasingly renting out their homes. This means there are many different options to choose from if you plan to rent in the area. Although small with a population of 14,597, the neighborhood is vibrant, with many trendy restaurants to choose from. There are exciting coffee shops and parks to enjoy the beautiful Seattle weather. If you rent in Bitter Lake Seattle, you won’t be disappointed. There are many entertaining options for one to enjoy during the day, but you can also enjoy the diverse nightlife. However, Bitter Lake, as with any neighborhood has various positives and negatives that should be considered prior to making a move.

Visiting Bitter Lake Seattle

Staying in a short-term rental in Bitter Lake Seattle is a great way to experience the town without having to commit to an extended period. There are a bunch of fun activities in or just around Bitter Lake that you can enjoy with minimal travel. Bitter Lake Seattle fishing is perfect for any person looking to experience the lake itself. The lake itself is excellent for its size and history. Centered around an urban area, it's great to visit and learn about The Bitter Monster. The local myth describes a snake-like sea monster that lives in the lake. Although there is no objective or concrete evidence, the legend is fun to learn about, and the locals love to share its history.

Benefits of Starting a Family in Bitter Lake Seattle

Bitter Lake Seattle is known to portray an excellent and friendly environment. If you’re looking for a place to start a family, there are many advantages to moving to Bitter Lake. At the top of this list is that Bitter Lake has two of the highest-rated public schools in Seattle. Not only are the schools known for their academic excellence, but they are also considered multi-cultural, uniting many different ethnic groups very effectively. Bitter lake is also famous for their outdoor activities and health and fitness programs. Commuting to work and school is easy with short distances in between.

The Cost of Living

As with every city or neighborhood, Bitter Lake does deal with a few challenges. The cost of living is a bit higher than the average city in the U.S. For example, the cost of living in Bitter Lake Seattle is 19% higher than Washington and 41% more expensive than the US average. This is a significant point and should be carefully considered by anyone looking to rent in Bitter Lake. This likely also explains why 65% of residents rent as opposed to buy their home. So if you plan to stay for an extended period, be prepared to pay more for your living expenses than you might expect.

Bitter Lake Seattle – Crime Rate - Is it Safe to Rent there?

You may not expect it, but Bitter Lake Seattle’s crime is considerably high per capita. For example, the total crime rate is 24% higher than Washington’s and 48% higher than the US average. However, most crimes are petty crimes i.e. theft and burglary are the two highest crimes. It is also important to note that the crime rate in Bitter Lake is down 13% from 2020. Apartments for rent are considered the safest option the safest option, and although limited, there is much to choose from if you do your homework.

Should you Rent in Bitter Lake

Renting should be your primary option if you want to experience all that Bitter Lake Seattle has to offer without having to commit to a lengthy period of time. Enjoy Bitter Lake Seattle fishing and the other unique outdoor activities. Learn about Bitter Lake Seattle’s history and explore the myth of ‘The Bitter Monster.’ Whether you are looking to rent a home or just looking for a fun weekend, Bitter Lake is a great choice.

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Published: September 10, 2021