HALIFAX, NS - A nature lover's dream. The city was built around the natural beauty of the region. An important eastern Atlantic port, the city embraces not only the water surrounding it, but the land as well. Halifax is known for its public green spaces - including the former fort Citadel Hill and the forested oceanfront Point Pleasant park.  A true student town, there are all kinds of great apartments for rent in Halifax.

A is a technologically and culturally advanced city that keeps it real with a small-town attitude, Halifax embraces its port town vibe. A great choice for someone looking for a new city that has plenty to do, but isn't intimidatingly large. Considering a move? Read on to learn more about apartment hunting in Halifax

Apartments for Rent in Halifax

Plenty to see

A big selling point for Halifax apartments is proximity to the ocean.  Naturally, apartments for rent with sweeping views of the water are going to come with a heftier price tag than a land locked condo. Keep that in mind when searching. Apartments are reasonably priced regardless, but you may just find a great deal on a place for rent if you're willing to sacrifice the view.

Space Versus Convenience

Halifax has a lot of apartment buildings. They are a popular choice because many of them are run by reliable property management companies who are very attentive to their tenants. You'll pay less for utilities in an apartment building than you would in a condo or a home (important to consider for those cold Halifax winters!).  Not to be outdone, there are plenty of beautiful historic homes for rent in Halifax. While they may not have the modern finishes of a new building, they are rich with history and charm.  Wherever life takes you, know that you're home in Halifax. #ApartmentLove